Witness: statement of intent

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I've been interested in becoming a witness since I first heard about this interesting alternative to mining on the Steem blockchain. Having read the Steem White Paper, I have much more of a grasp of what it entails, and thanks to the wonderful folks at the #witness channel on steemit.chat, I've gotten myself up and running.

However I'm up and running in a virtual machine on a general usage computer, which is nearly always on, but it's not dedicated to witnessing. My intent here is to try it out for a while, get the hang of the technical aspects and see how it works, and all going well will get some dedicated hardware set up to witness properly in a few months.

To this end, feel free to vote for me as witness, but bear the above in mind.

I know it is customary for witnesses to divulge a lot of personal and technical information in a show of good faith and request to trust. I will be doing something like this (though leaving out the personally identifying info) when I become a witness proper.

Until then...

This post serves as notice that I intend to witness the Steem blockchain, in a test capacity.

Thanks again to everyone 🤓 🙏 👍

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I would like to help. Let me know a bit more? Quid Pro Quo.


What do you mean?

I'm having some issues with the server and it hasn't been online in a while 😭 I'm going to revisit it tomorrow and see if I can figure it out but it's hard as hell 😑