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It's been ages since my last witness report! 😅 I've been quite busy, if anyone who has followed my blog will know. I'd like to update more often though so will try to stick to a two week average if I can.


In no particular order here is what I've been up to regarding my role as backup witness.


After prompting by @abit I realized my price feed has been out of date too much. So I've set Conductor to update much more regularly. I'd love it if I could get it to do it every few hours though instead of usually more than once an hour so I will be trying to figure this out.

With this update I am also lowering my SBD APR from 2% to 1%.


Witness node is ticking along nicely with no major interruptions.

My seed node was not working very well on the server I had been renting for it, and I decided to retire it. I am not only running a witness.

If I get up to the top 50 I will start up a seed node and back up node.


Currently at 90, I spent most of the last month at position 91. This is despite gaining a few new votes from people. Last update I was at 82 but sunk, I think due to more backup witnesses getting some large votes.

Other related work

@sadkitten, spam farming scam flagger

The main reason I have been tied up, I joined the @spaminator group in their quest to reduce the incentive to spam, especially the worst kind, scam bot nets of red fish accounts to mass up vote spam comments.

I wrote a bot and collaborated mainly with @patrice on this to get accounts lists. This has been really effective. At the time of writing there has been a complete halt on spam posts and voting in the last 24 hours of all the accounts on our list of now 6538 accounts.

I have to take this opportunity to apologise again to anyone who is falsely targeted by the bot. @demotruk asked me on the launch announcement what the false positive rate was, I said it was 0%. I was wrong, it is about 0.076%, so while very good still a few people were wrongly flagged. In particular in the last few days these users: @mxzn, @melinda010100, @renatakusuma, @mohamadshwa5, @okae . I have been reversing any flags that are still within the payout window which is most. Thank you for your understanding in this regard. As always, anyone who feels they are wrongly targeted, please get in touch.


This project has moved from v1 (targeting comment self voters by largest self rewards) to v2 (targeting comment self voter by self awarded ROI). More on this soon, I won't talk about it here directly.


I had to do some admin on this and sort out some problems of the bot missing a few votes. The issue was fixes quickly but some people slipped through the cracks. I have reached out to those affected.

Otherwise the project seems to be running smoothly.

Other stuff


The nature of the Steem Coop has changed a bit in the last month. @l0k1 / @elfspice left to pursue other goals, and we decided to make the group more informal in internal structure. We now use it as a discussion group and use each other as sounding boards for the goals we all still are working towards.

Some thoughts

I've felt very encouraged by all the supporters of the @sadkitten project in particular, and some other things I'm doing. It's great to be involved in projects that make a different.

In the last month by followers have gone up 60%, so I must be doing something right! Thank you to everyone, you make the experience here pretty, pretty ... pretty awesome!

But I do have to be careful with burning out though, it's been pretty intense. I guess that's the life 😭

Previous updates:

If you like my style and want to vote for me, go to the witness vote page at and vote for @personzzz - don't forget the 3 Z's!


Good work mate.

I appreciate it, thanks @tarazkp

Thanks, I'm considering you for a vote / peace


Thank you for your prompt action in reversing the false flags the bot put on my posts and comments. Im sad it happened at all, and can't imagine how much work it created for you to make it right, and I do appreciate all your efforts!

Thanks. You have a great attitude, I appreciate your understanding. It's tough to get it right all the time 😅