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RE: New STEEM Witness @fbslo [My Witness Thread]

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If you can provide me the exact calculation behind this post's upvotes and rewards we can talk. Upvoted my comment for better visibility not the reward.


I don't do this for rewards. I will get same amount (or less) of money back.
I also don't expect to be in first 100 witnesses. I will run my witness server even when I will lost all money every month. I get enough money from delegations to cover server costs.
I also don't want to hide anything, because everyone can see transfers in my wallet.

For promotion I spend:

  • 11.061 SBD to minnowbooster
  • 14.000 SBD to ipromote
  • 5.000 SBD to aksdwi
  • 40.000 SBD to upmyvote
  • 50.000 SBD to appreciator
  • 15.000 SBD to sneaky-ninja
  • 10.000 SBD to pushup
  • 30.000 SBD to boomerang
  • 25.000 SBD to postpromoter
  • 40.000 SBD to jerrybanfield
  • 100.000 SBD to upme
  • 15.000 SBD to booster
  • 50.000 SBD to buildawhale
  • 1.000 SBD to smartmarket
  • 75 BEYONDBIT (Worth ~35 SBD)

  • Together: 406.061 SBD (+35 SBD = 441.061 SBD)

damn son go hard or go home

Well, if he can tell you how many hundred SBD he spent on the bid bots occupying the large percentage of this vote, (over 800 of the 850) you can see it pretty fast, but at your level, I'm pretty sure you and I both knew that.

Welp, I continue to be witness 75 the old fashioned way, by working for it, not buying it. And so it goes on STEEM, where money speaks louder than project contribution scale, number of humans actually HELPED, or substance or quality content. Not that this is a "bad" witness bid post but that trending vote purchase kind of turns my stomach on the guy.

Sadly he wasted all his money on that though, because despite the large reward he will get on this, I can almost bet, we will never see him again. Not because he's a bad guy, but there are well over 250 witnesses already vying for maybe 60-75 profitable spots and well, he hasn't listed a significant project or much of a contribution but some curation and excitement. He will quickly learn what he has signed up for takes a LOT more than that.

I also can't buy witness votes. I can only buy visibility.
So everyone can decide if I'm worth of witness vote.

Oh trust me, there are witnesses buying votes by various overt and less overt means every day.

I am really amazed by your comments.
It is unappropriate to say someone buying votes for contest. I dont understad you saying this stuff to this guy ...
So basically he bought boost or upvotes or vison or whatever you all call it . You have no evidence that he bought votes on witnesses contest or whatever it is.
By your comments you mean that politicans mustnt make ads and mustnt talk with people ? On elections? Right? @fbslo described everything and talked about why people should vote him , and everyone must see it so he get upvotes to be visible for more people , its peoples decision vote him or not.
It is same when politicans appear on tv and talk to people. I think there is nothing illegal. Evry contestant must be viewed by as much as possible people, so people decide who deserves vote...

Yeah, you are not even on the same topic as what we are talking about here, and I don't have time to explain it. He bought his votes on this post, its already been heavily elaborated on, but you are completely not getting what we are discussing here.

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If you can provide me the exact calculation behind this post's upvotes and rewards we can talk.

Exact calculation is in this comment: