Just another witnesses list with some other functions

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We may have known that there are some witnesses list.For example:

(Image source: https://pixabay.com)

These lists are very informative and friendly, but do not provide me with additional functions I need.

For example, I need a reward estimation function to check how many STEEM I earn every day, and at the same time; I also want to know how long it has been since the last block time(last confirmed block age), In this way, I can roughly predict my next produce time.

In addition to the vote ranking, I also need an active(real) ranking because some witnesses are offline, or run the wrong hardfork version.
(witnesses list by @drakos already has the active ranking)

And It would be better if it has a function to check which witnesses we (or others) have supported.

So I wrote a witness list script containing the functions I needed above. The temporary URL of it: https://www.eztk.net/witnesses.php.

It is some simple but I will continue to improve it, I hope it will help us select the right witnesses to promote the prosperity and development of steem.

Any suggestions are welcome.


I have a similar functionality at https://steemian.info/witnessblocks
I suggest you do not use decimals for the daily blocks, the value should be an integer.

Thank you for your comment.

The functions of these two lists are somewhat different. Your list includes accurate block data from database, but my list includes the estimated values based on the voting data, so there will be some decimal value.

Estimated values are not very accurate, because witnesses may lose blocks and may be offline, but they roughly reflect a trend.



Thank you. This is helpful to me.

You are welcome!