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Hello Steemit Community,

The past few days I have been working to set up a Steemit witness. I believe setting up a witness will put me in a better position to positively impact and contribute to the community. I have been about community since day one and I believe that setting up a witness will help me grow with the Steemit community and help others grow aswell.

The Plan

When I first began my journey on Steemit I had no idea what a witness was, the responsibilities of a witness or the steps to take in order to set up a witness. I can't say that I have an inherent goal to have the number 1 ranked witness but I can say that I believe setting up a witness is a step in the right direction to reach the goals I have set for myself.

VPS Specs

vps specs.jpg

I look forward to continuing to develop the witness as needed, learn from my peers, answer questions, and give to the Community.


I believe this is a positive step in the path I've decided to go down, the first step was joining Steemit. I ask that you vote for my witness if you are comfortable with doing so. If you ever need to speak with me, I can be easily reached at the From The Ground Up Discord if I'm not there I can be found floating around a variety of other Steemit discord communities.

I'd also like to give a big thank you to @someguy123 for all of your help, @theprophet0 for the activation energy to get the ball rolling, and to @instructor2121 for answering technical questions.

How to Support my Witness

To vote for my witness you can use the following command:
vote_for_witness youraccount mckenziegary true true

Alternatively you can head over to:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see:


fill in the voting field with the name above and click vote.

Thank you very much and take care,
McKenzie Gary



Good info. thanks for posting - Upvoted & following!

Upvoted and following, thanks a for posting this.

You're welcome, thank you for upvoting and following!