They're on Tron's side. :(

We don't agree to divide sides, we just don't agree with the freezing of funds.

So by that, if the central authority decided to freeze funds of those leaving Steem, would you fight against him or bow down at his feet?

How would you freeze funds during a power down? lol. Hey thats quite the predicament you got yourselves in, why did you trust @ned to keep your shit decentralized? lol you argue this as if this is some sort of philosophical debate. JustinSun has control, deal with it, steem was always centralized, its robocop 2014, the illusion of free will bro . Now stop being racist and let the Asians have their fun

Holy shit! Did you just type all of that without a single typo?

Holy shit! Did you
Just type all of that without
A single typo?

                 - moeknows

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Wow ☺️

as you say just waw

The full stop after the word "bro" is in the incorrect place, this is a typo lololol

True, but by Ackza standards, it's pretty amazing.

"You reap what you sow"

So what you're saying is that you are willing to back off of your stated principles if someone pays you enough. You're not against freezing accounts, you're just against freezing certain accounts.

We will NEVER involve nor confirm any action or code that could freeze or limit the stake of anybody on the Steem blockchain.

I'm guessing you'll be making an edit on that then?

Also, how is leaving the platform sowing anything more than personal choice?

In my present mood, I want to freeze them all. They are not already helping the Steem community. But simply I can't solve all the problems with my mood.
They are still attacking the Steem community. It is very unpleasant and I will try to protect the steam chain.

What you describe is a lack of integrity. Stand by your principles, even in the face of anger. Stay true to yourself. No freezing means no freezing. Stand by your word.

Okay, I'll judge it

No one is attacking the steem community. The steem community is divided and has split because the majority of people are tired of the utter retardation over here. You're a fucking loser and a piece of shit and you're just a fucking sock puppet. You're worthless, just like steem is going to be if things keep going down this path. You are not a witness, you are a puppet with a hand shoved up it's loose fucking asshole, you complete dipshit.

Your behavior has spoken for itself, you failed the test, STEEM is lost. Your now Top Witness of a worthless Token, under a 100+ Million Steem Führer who let's you be a witness as long as you obey - congratz.

um it was always worthless then. it was ALWAYS centralized and @ned was a 100million steempower fuhrer too bruh wtf? Theyre all bad. @dan scammed everyone and is sitting on $750 million dollars lol

That’s right, there has always been this pressure. @Ned did gather it and tried to sell as much as possible without anyone noticing, until he have in and threw it at the wall. The TRON Foundation was just the first one to pick it up. I‘d rather see the ninja stake send to null then put into the DAO.

Steem Führer. Hahahah So cool. :-)

now killing even exchanges

yo hook me up with some of that steem, one scot nitrous tribe to another lol . come hangout with @booster and @fyrstikken and get some ideas for real governance. @booster we can create an ancap paradise for steem and make some real money turning steemit into an advertising system with @justinsunsteemit where he buys back or burns steem with Promoted Posts, we also can use @steem and @steemit for account creation and supporting steem engine but overton window is closing... conduit closing


really? really, really?

We don't agree to divide sides, we just don't agree with the freezing of funds.

i dont think you understand what the steem stake means to most of the steem community (and yes most, you are relying on justin suns votes afterall in order to be a top witness)... when steemit inc brought all to the steem block chain promising decentralization, the premined stake was promised to be invested into the blockchain by steemit. over this promise people invested their hard earned money, much more in total than what justin claims to have invested. justin not only broke steemits promise of neutrality, but claims the stake that was promised to us for him self. freezing it was to ensure he does not run of with it, and if we cant have it, the stake will be destroyed.

I understand. But we have different ideas.I have more experience and thoughts about STEEM than you. (Including 1 year of witness node operation)
I feel sorry for the promise of STEEM INC and existing users, but I think the ned is responsible for that.

well it is also a legal issue. we have proven to justin ownership of this stake, and most law books across the world do say that it is impossible to sell something you do not own. it is a legal pursuit that justin has to do against ned if he feels scammed or misinformed... these are not random people on the internet, but their identity is known to each other, hence a legal pursuit would be very possible.

many other witnesses agree with this point of view, and frankly they have been witness for longer than a year.

justin shows no intention of recognizing our ownership, during talks with us he says one thing and then completely does an opossite thing, like his post asking "do you want to fuck with me" was the day after witnesses informed him that they expect him to make a decline voting rights operation which you can find on the steem API docs
he did not know about it but said he would talk to his developers, which appearantly he did not.
instead of talking and settling things with the community, he went silent and even blocked respected witnesses on twitter.

justin shows no intention to communicate to us or learn about how steem works.

steemit developers in the korea justin witness steemit chat sided with us, saying that many of the demands by justin would destroy the decentralization and stability of the steem currency. over 20 steemit developers quit their job at steemit after justins acquisition because he strives for a steem they dont hope for. justins steem is much more centralized. hence the steem community is planning to hardfork justin out of their life, which will also destroy the stake.

You know nothing at all, you're a fucking sock puppet you retarded fucking sack of shit. You are Dick-Suck Sun's fleshlight you invalid waste of space. You are a fucking retarded ass fucking loser is what you are. You're a low IQ fucking moron, who thinks too highly of themselves. Get off your high horse you fucking special needs fuck.

How do you feel about ninja mined stake of Steemit Inc. being used in governance voting?

all stake is stake. ninja mining is made up, doesnt exist. if you mined you mined, plenty of shit happens on steem in the shadows, dont single out some early exploits, the whole damn thing is one big social exploit.

The steem reward pool was never actually propped up with real advertising dollars or BTC. And we had BTC this whole time

Steem needs to be a distribution system for BTC.... not for tron lol it need sto distribute Bitcoin. the coin people want and buy and use.

Ninja Mining should also be recognized as a single stake.

Appreciate your feedback, thanks.

i might hive bye bye in 2 days

No Funds have been frozen, the development stake was frozen. Who cares.. life is too shot, have fun in your personal gulag here.

You don't seem to know what happened.

They froze the Steem INC foundation's assets first.
The Steem INC foundation updated to protect the foundation's assets.

Are you going to say thank you if you take away what you bought?

Yes, I lost ~1/4 Million in my lifetime to bad actors. That happens to everyone who is doing business in real life. You make a bad choice, you pay the price. Once you win, once you lose, all power to the people!

It's like that life as trading sometimes go up and sometimes go down, all power to the people!

Did we win? & lose?

Except you directly contributed to that, you fucking sad sack of dog shit.

@ maxsieg

Hi sir, i will introduce my self for you

I'm Ahmed from Tunisia

I have a question please .... why my earning still at 0 $ ? .... and there are two guys upvote my post

u need the upvotes from people with a larger stake to get money... also people including me stopped upvoting stuff on the steem blockchain as we are moving to the hive chain... if ur account is older than 3 weeks from yesterday, your account is able to login and post over peakd... this seems to be the case with ur account, hence just hop over on and give me a comment there if u have questions...

exactly i have the same issue. how I can promote my profile and start earning.?

both of you need to switch blockchain and go on ... look for popular tags that fit what you are posting about, the language ur posting in, and look for a community to post in... has a nice interface for you to search through different communities.... depending what u post about u probably find a community that fits ur genre of posts...

idk why dont u just go on and look at communities and posts that you like and see what tags are popular and what communities post interesting stuff


steem i love steem it if u also so like my comment....

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