Last witness report

Today I have disconnected all my servers and ceased my activity as a Witness on Steem. It was not a sudden decision. For the last almost 2 years I have been trying to get support for big and expensive challenges like the implementation of an alternative to Steem-Engine. However, my position has been very precarious. A few months in the top, a few months out of the top. A little more than a month ago I was again left out of the Witness top, depriving me, once again, of funding that was already scarce and absolutely necessary for these projects. I'm not going to beg again for support to regain my position in the top 20... a few more months before falling again. Steemit continues to support Witness accounts with no known activity. I have been begging for their support for the last 2 years but there seems to be no one at the helm of that ship anymore.

I want to thank all those who have been supporting me. We have tried.

Live today so you can fight another war tomorrow.

Love u guys! 💖


I really hope you will change your mind about this... so sad to see a Witness who wants to bring development on Steem blockchain leaving!

Thanks for your words. I have been asking for support from Steemit inc for over a year now. A vote as a witness. They have not wanted to do so and I respect their decision and for that reason I am leaving.

It is very sad to see that you no longer wish to be a witness
I have known you for a long time and I hope you will come back

wish to see you again with us

Lov u 2! You are a generous person. You will be missed!

It is so sad to lose one of the best Contributor Witness candidates who stayed on Steem until the very end and passionately developed it. The Steem ecosystem continues to miss out on good developers, meaning the alignment of incentives and governance isn't working as it should. I sincerely thank you for your passion and dedication, and hope this will not be your last witness report.

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