Why STEEM was down? - Blockchain bugs and problems - Witness and seed nodes

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Since yesterday, steem blockchain was down! All witnesses, seed and RPC nodes were down! Because of an attempt to withdraw negative vests! (powering down negative amount)
We missed thousands of blocks because of that attempt to power down a negative amount of vests (I missed 2 blocks as I disabled my witness asap)
That was a bug in the Steem blockchain which is fixed now. User @nijeah was the main reason for this long downtime!
After ~10 hours a patch released by steem devs to fix this issue, which is tagged as v0.19.5, all nodes should update to this version!
My seed node (node.mahdiyari.info:2001) is updated and is running on the v0.19.5 (currently my node is only connected to the official seed nodes)
If you have any steem node, you can include my seed node in your config file for faster and stable block syncing.

I will enable my witness in a few minutes. My witness node is still syncing blocks (because of some technical reasons it takes a little longer to sync blocks).
My seed and witness nodes are on the reliable servers with 64GB RAM, 1T SSD, and 1Gbps bandwidth!

We have a private RPC node for our projects on the Steem blockchain (like Steemauto) also, that RPC node is still syncing blocks. Steemauto is down because of this process, I will relaunch Steemauto in a few hours (maybe after 1-2 hours)
EDIT: Steemauto is online!
As announced in the Discord server:


Thanks for your great support:)



Man, it's crazy that a single transaction from one user could cause this. It's also amazing that this is the first time this has happened.

I was thinking the same thing after reading this... not sure which surprises me more...

Hey, I used the steem dice site you developed and never received my funds back, can you please help me out by helping me contact the owner or if you are the owner returning my steem?

That is not my website!

You're welcome and thanks also 💪💪

Criptocarrency hack for bugs of software.

This post made me get up off my butt and make some witness votes. It just never seemed important before. Perhaps we are guilty of taking you for granted, but it is obviously a great deal of work to maintain a witness node. Not to mention Steemauto - I love that service.

Dear @mahdiyari ,
also steemauto is not working properly as well, or at least till a few hours ago...
Is it fixed also there?

Very GoOd Post..👍😉👌

How well technical problems were solved, error is also learned. Best regards @mahdiyari

Wow thats really interesting and thanks so much for the information...I was a little worried.
Regards @run.vince.run

Hi @mahdiyari , have been having some issues with steem auto for a period of time, I don’t get upvotes any more on a content I post, and I have over 100 followers on my fan base. Before it was working perfectly well, but now all my posts have 0 upvotes. Do you have any idea of what could be the issue.

Thank you for your hard work so far. And I am glad that SteemAuto is back online :).

I cannot imagine any reason why a problem in the blockchain could disallow people not to keep seeing content which was published before that problematic block.

When Medium, Twitter or Facebook are down is because some technical problem. Databases are the main and only source of content. If they fall then that makes all the content innaccesible.

However, when some dude just tried to perform some weird operation like the one described -not with many details- in this post, that makes the Steem node have some problems. But still I am unable to understand how is that a weird operation makes all websites who access the only public API node unable to work.

If some person's weird transaction has made the blockchain unable to add more blocks, that shouldn't make RPC nodes unable to access older blocks.

By the way, that is one of the reasons why Cardano will be better than EOS: by programming in a functional language, they are, at least, in the way to avoid these rare cases.