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Hello Steeminas,
Are you good?


7 days ago, I started my witness node. I still did not produce my first block.
yesterday, I started a seed node.
Now, I should pay for two servers. I can keep alive witness and seed node for at least 2-3 month. I will try to keep these servers online.

I hope it will be helpful for steemit users.


Server information:

Location: Amsterdam - Netherland
CPU: 8 Dedicated X86 64bit Cores
Bandwidth: 500Mbit/s Unmetered

Server address:

image source:


If you Think I can be Helpful for Steem Community, Please Vote me as a witness.

How to Vote Witnesses?

1- Open
2- Scroll down.


3- Type mahdiyari And Click on Vote.
You can vote for 30 witnesses. Also, you can unvote at any time.



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This is great!

Keep it up! After #steemfollower, this is another great achievement.

Have been following your progress and I must say I am impressed :)

Keep steeming hard!!

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