[IntroduceYourWitness] Linouxis9: a steemian, a witness

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Hey Steemians,

I'm here today to introduce myself on this social network 3.0 and show present you my witness.

I'm Valentin, a follower of the Blockhains world since 2012 that has been introduced to Bitshares before the big hardfork the Bitshares 2.0. I've since contributed to Bitshares in severeal area and I've more recently helped @mauritso with the creation of LiqBot (Big news concerning STEEM are waiting to be released!) and I'm currently working on the OpenLedger's API.

My knowledge of the Graphene technology partially originating from my participation of the aforementioned projects have allowed me to work and create the Graphene-PHP library which will be released in the coming months with the support of STEEM!

Now that I've discovered STEEM, I'd like to help it reach the mainstream success it deserves (A decentralized social network which doesn't spy you and reward you for your contributions was more than needed) and to do one's bit towards that goal, I'm currently operating for the community a STEEM witness linouxis9 located in France.

If you like what I'm doing and want to support me in my coming projects for STEEM, please vote for the witness vote_for_witness your_account_name linouxis9 true true.

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Make a price feed and keep it up and you've got my (tiny) vote.

Be sure to also set your account creation fee in your config. Currently the consensus seems to be to keep it at 10.

Price feed done!

The price feed isn't set in a generated block, it's sent to the network as a transaction whenever you like.

publish_feed "linouxis9" { "base":"0.999 SBD", "quote":"1.000 STEEM"} true

Change the number before SBD to the calculated value of STEEM in USD.

Thanks! I've updated my price feed bot, it should now work and publish a price feed each hour.

I forgot also you can set your witness link on the blockchain, set it to whatever you want but it's best to link to your witness thread. Here's the command with my details in it:

update_witness pfunk "https://steemit.com/witness-category/@pfunk/backup-witness-pfunk" "STM8cyuEGDL7Pk7Mu43QKa83pvWgS6RVuvPNwib8pQCSaWUxgrPv9" {"account_creation_fee":"10.000 STEEM","maximum_block_size":131072,"sbd_interest_rate":1000} true

You'll have to change the user, the URL, and the key.

Great, voted.

I will change the fee right now and add a price feed tomorrow, thanks!

Ill always upvote your witnesees if possible

Thank you Fuzzy!