Do you believe it makes sense for many more people to make an attempt at becoming a witness? I'm assuming it will get to a point where most people are buying server time and not being profitable trying to be a witness. Also I just voted for you @xeldal and @pfunk for witnesses. I have 25 more votes left for witnesses.

I believe that those running as witness for the right reasons won't mind running a server out of their own pockets.

With that being said I've hopefully painted an accurate description of what being a witness should entail. :)

Tons of other deserving witnesses exist. Whom you choose is entirely up to you.

Well from my perspective you are a good choice. You have the technical skills, you have been positively contributing to the community as a content creator and it appears like you are in for the long haul on this platform. I have the 25 more votes and as I learn more I will decide what to do with them. I'm not going to try to become a witness right now but possibly in the future after I gain more credibility on this platform.

I appreciate your support sir. truly do.

When I first showed up to the platform I admit it was money that I was seeking.. But once I started diving into the platform and realized exactly what I'd stumbled onto my mentality shifted from "this will be a great place to make money" to something along the line of "By investing my time and effort into STEEM I can help others achieve success". By helping with the growth and adoption of the STEEM platform I solidify the future stage for my own work.. It's beautiful actually.

We need more people here supporting the growth of the network rather than showing up strictly to collect reward payouts.

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