Trying Blurt Witness SIAB but Failed

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Blurt is a fork from Steem - without SBD and downvote. It has been running for more than a month.

To be a witness, you would need at least a server with 2GB RAM, and 40GB HDD. I got the following server from servica which has the following specs (only 7 USD per month and 6.42 if you pay yearly):

  • 4 CPU at 2593 MHz
  • 6 GB RAM
  • Xen Virtualization VPS
  • 80 GB SSD (NVme)
  • unlimited bandwith/traffic

However, so far, I had no luck on Ubuntu 18.04, I was told by @ericet that I should try on Debian 10.


I was using the Steem-In-a-Box (SIAB) from @someguy123

curl -fsSL | bash

Every little helps! I hope this helps!

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