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Apologies for missing my update last week! I ended up getting lost in a few projects (and a few games). If I do miss an update I apologize, once a week is a lot more of a commitment than I originally anticipated :)

1. Recently accomplished:

  • Golos launched, and I ended up setting up a decent amount of services to support their launch. and are both running now.
  • Released an alpha of steemphp, a PHP library for interacting with steem.
  • Implemented steemphp in Reprint. The abstraction between the two still needs to be worked out a bit more.
  • Created test environments for high performance Reprint installations. Page load times are now sub 200ms, still a bit more room for improvement.
  • Created a chart to track rewards on steem over the last 90 days. Also added a bit more data to the block pages.
  • Researched a lot of different DNS solutions for - haven't been able to find anything that fits our needs. I basically am looking for a latency based dns load balancing solution, one that has nodes worldwide. We use AWS right now for this, but AWS doesn't have datacenters everywhere.
  • Found a way to make steemdb update a lot more regularly - still needs full implementation.
  • Lots of work on the cluster - I've actually migrated over to all new hosts as of today. Sorry about the downtime!
  • Migrated all of my utility scripts over to a Raspberry Pi running a docker host. Each script is it's own little container. Currently running 3 scripts, and it looks like I could probably run hundreds of these small utilities from it. Low cost way to keep them running!
  • Continued progress on where @greymass is heading.

2. Upcoming projects/goals

  • Try out the new chainbase implementation of steem
  • Continue development on steemphp - there are still a lot more methods that need to be covered and tested.
  • Continue development on Reprint - the core engine is getting close to complete!
  • Implement more rapid sync scripts on steemdb

3. Thoughts from this week

The last two weeks have been somewhat of a blur, I haven't had much time to think about anything except for the tasks on my todo list.

The biggest steps forward I think I'm making right now is with the abstraction of steem into steemphp. I'm pretty pleased with the direction it's heading and the way it's all setup. The entire codebase is covered by PHPUnit test cases, which are run via travis/coveralls everytime code is added to the github repository. You can check on the status of these two things here:

This library should hopefully prove useful for anyone building PHP based applications with the intention of accessing the steem blockchain. The package itself is available via composer which should make it a breeze to include in any modern project.

4. Previous week's update

Update for the week ending 2016-10-14

Finally, don't forget to vote for witnesses here.


Thanks for update, @jesta! I think PHP library would be very useful, majority backend still uses it and scalability is one factor to use php as well. Looking forward to try it out for my backend code...

Congrats, keep it up! Is running on the chainbase db? I connected a few times with cli_wallet and I got disconnected with a strange message: "moving to the next fiber..."...

Nope it's not, still on 0.14.2 - but it is new hardware. I'll have to dig through the logs and see if I can see anything related to that message.

Released an alpha of steemphp, a PHP library for interacting with steem.

YYEEEEEESSSSSSS... I'll have to make some time to check this out and hopefully ditch the code I hacked together. :)

Thanks for being awesome.

I don't have signing of any sort in yet, it's all retrieval at the moment. But hopefully it's still helpful! :)

I want to thank the hard work you do @jesta friend to improve community platform congratulations and thank you very much

upvote from me for the good work!

As always, great work @jesta.
On a side note, are there any issues with steemstats? Stability and images seem a bit unreliable.

Was it earlier today? In the last 12 hours or so? If so, it was probably @xeroc and I doing upgrades on the cluster (which powers steemstats). Some strange things may have been happening and breaking!

Still some slowness and broken image links today.

Always looking forward for the updates!

My vote goes for your hard work

Thanks @jesta. Upvoted and resteemed. Good work.

Good job.Thanks!

Thank you for your continued support to the SteemIt community.

I really like your steemstatstool. I use it more than the SteemIt interface most days. steemstats is very useful.

Steem on,

Thanks for the update:)

Voted long time ago, great witness ! best steem services!

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Wow, @jesta, you do more than a human could do!
I have come here to check your work after I see your name in the chat's help feed. You have got my vote.