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Hello Steemians, it's another episode of my interview in which I get to ask some technical Steem questions and also bring you closer to your witnesses. For this episode's interview, I have the pleasure of bringing to you @pfunk, A steemian who has a great passion for the Steem blockchain, a steemian who works tirelessly at the witness level, a witness who has made, and will continue to make positive impact on the direction of steem, as well as a reputable witness. This episode promises to be educating, and interesting . Be sure to sit tight and grab a cup of coffee while reading through this great interview.

Meet @pfunk!!!


@jamesmovic - Who introduced you to steemit and what was your motive for joining?

@pfunk - I was introduced to Steem (before I knew of the Steemit website) by someone on a cryptocurrency related chatroom.

@jamesmovic - How many times do you think its appropriate for a newbie to post per day?

@pfunk - How many times to post per day is entirely up to each person.

@jamesnovic - What communities are you supporting or working on, and how?

@pfunk - I've helped to support the creative music community on Steem for about a year and a half by helping to fund prizes for and upvoting the weekly Open Mic contest hosted by the amazing @luzcypher. I also support a couple photography initiatives that I like, @photocircle and @derangedvisions' Deranged Photography contests. I support @detlev's Beer Saturday Challenges too. I follow a lot of creators and try to regularly upvote some artists here. I also tend to prioritize some vote power for Steem service or project update posts, as I think the value given to their creators is a bargain compared to the value they add to the network.

I also participate in discussions and share my feedback, opinions, and experience with other veteran and power users including other witnesses. As a witness, I feel I've made a positive impact on the direction of Steem in the past and intend to continue making an impact in the future. I also help administer and moderate, the community run (and specifically run by @followbtcnews) chat service for Steem. I also participate in some of the famous anti-abuse efforts you may have seen on Steem, though lately I have been less active with those. I've made several educational posts about Steem, most old by now, but some still relevant.

@jamesnovic - Can you tell us why you decided to become a witness?

@pfunk - I came to Steem when it was still a mineable token, and I got my start running Steem nodes like many witnesses as a miner. After the network was switched to DPoS, some people spontaneously approved me as a witness while I was still mining. By then I decided I liked the features, abilities, and potential of the Steem network and was happy to play a part in making it happen.

@jamesnovic - Can you tell us how your feel about it (witnessing) now?

@pfunk - I still feel the same way about being a witness. I want to bring my experience, as someone who's seen most of the network's history, to the network and community. I still see how Steem is better than any other network by far at bringing every day people into using a cryptocurrency network. And that still excites me.

@jamesmovic - What exactly does "voting for a witness" means to you,and do you think it is necessary for all steemians to vote?

@pfunk - Voting for a witness (and receiving votes) means a lot. It means that I trust the receiver to act in the interests of the network and to run a stable node. It can mean more than that too, as witnesses can provide additional value. Experience tends to mean a lot to me as well. Especially those who have proven themselves as fast to react to situations affecting the network.

I don't believe it's necessary for all Steemians to vote because while all Steemians are stakeholders, it's impossible for all to be informed. I would strongly encourage all Steemians to familiarize themselves with how Steem works, especially if the stake is more than insignificant to them. And I encourage all informed stakeholders to look at witnesses and vote for those they trust to keep the network stable and increase its value.

@jamesnovic - What are your thoughts on the possibiltiy of there being a new "Steem 2"?

@pfunk - It's always possible for someone to fork Steem, but to simply clone it and expect the same results would be somewhat pointless. A network's foundational value is the network of its users, and the users use Steem.

@jamesnovic - Is there anything you would like to say on your own, without me asking the question?

@pfunk - On my own I'd like to say: Check out @luzcypher's Open Mic contest posts! It's brought so much good music to Steem and rewards to musicians. If you have any shred of musical talent, please enter it!

@jamesmovic - Any advice you would wish to give to my fellow steemians[ newbies] who are feeling dejected one way or the other due to low upvotes?

@pfunk - It's tough, because Steem's draw is rewards with real world value. But expecting to get those rewards as you start is a recipe for disappointment. Content discovery on the most popular Steem front end,, is poor.

So what I think new users should do is express themselves as best they can, but not overexpress (burn out creatively). Don't post 5 things on your first day, or maybe even first week. Because many eyeballs might not reach you, it would be frustrating to give it your all at first and get little or no feedback. If you already share creatively somewhere else, without rewards, treat it just like that. Steady posts from creative or entertaining people tend to build momentum and eventually many end up earning some pretty good rewards from Steem. But that's not guaranteed either. Perseverance is the key to success here, just like most things.

Now it's easy to say this as someone who's been a successful poster, but I've seen enough other posters who have found success too. And don't think word count matters too much. I don't want to or have time to read a novel per post, and I'm not sure everyone else does either. Blogging isn't even necessary. Some of my favorite posters just post photos for the most part. Also if you're making some money but still disappointed, try not to play the comparison game too much. Whatever you've earned is more than the $0 you'd earn on almost any other platform.

@jamesmovic - What impression do you have about this interview and what do you feel about it?

@pfunk - The interview questions are pretty good. If you're asking about a "Steem 2" I'd probably include more detail on what you're asking about. The open ended non-question might go better at the end.

@jamesmovic - thanks for your time and thanks for honoring my invitation

@pfunk - You are welcome James. Thanks for reaching out. And I'll ask that if any readers think I'm worthy of a witness approval vote, I would appreciate a lot!


@pfunk has spoken on the need for all steemians to cast their votes for witnesses whom they trust, if you want the community to keep on flourishing. If you truly believe in @pfunk in making the community a better place, if you value and appreciate what he does as a witness, you can support him, and make his efforts count, by casting your vote for @pfunk. If you are doing this for the first time, all you need to do is head to the witness page and follow the instructions written on the image below



You can check out my previous interviews with @sircork @roelandp @themarkymark @krnel @someguy123 @felixxx @neoxian @adsactly @noisy @D-pend @pharesim @ehiboss @ogoowinner @nnnarvaez @surfyogi @timcliff @papa-pepper, by clicking on the overview of all my interviews so far.


Below are the names of witnesses I'm currently voting for, and I strongly recommend you to vote :

@pfunk @sircork @roelandp @themarkymark @krnel @ausbitbank @pharesim @felixxx @noisy.witness @drakos @someguy123 @castellano @neoxian @steemgigs @timcliff @lukestokes.mhth and @adsactly.witness . you can also give your support by casting your vote for those reputable witness.


@jamesmovic is just a young guy trying as much as possible to make the community a better place, by promoting witnesses. If you like what I'm doing as a steemian, you can support me in any way you can.


Thank you all for taking your time to read through this interview, and also for voting for these witnesses. Till next time

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Thanks for honouring my invitation.... You just received goldenproject witness vote...

Good interview with an awesome witness.
I have been voting for @pfunk as a trusted witness for a long time!!

Thanks for taking the opportunity to interview @pfunk and let everyone here on Steemit know how awesome he is. @pfunk is one of the witnesses ensuring the success of this platform and i am glad to see he is back in the top 20.


Pretty much appreciate...thanks for stopping by

After some nefarious Steemit user went around downvoting people willy nilly not too long ago (including my posts), I remember @pfunk did his best to undo the damage with his upvotes. He certainly has my witness vote!

Its nice meeting @pfunk.
Witnesses keep or blockchain running and have very important role in our success as a platform, so well done on the good job thus far!

Keep Steeming @jamesmovic!


Thank you so much precious

nice interview with one of the musical geniuses (i dont know if he can actually play music) on steemit
and also a witness :-)


I can sing...

loudly and poorly :)


i get it
you'er part of the bath room vocalists/musicians


Lol... I thank you too

Wow... This is awesome, having another great witness into our midst...

You have talked well especially about the open mic contest by @luzcypher... I also enjoyed your advice for newbie... Yeah, I concur....That little upvote is better than $0 we get for other social networks...

Nice one @pfunk ...kudos to @jamesmovic for bringing to us another wonderful witness... 👍👍


I am glad you took your time in reading this pretty sure you learnt something from this interview....

You have got a great witness on the hot seat, I already voted @pfunk as a witness... Nice one @jamesmovic


Thank you for making the right choice

@pfunk has always been a great steemian
I really love what your doing on the blockchain James this is really motivating and makes so much sense.
Keep educating us on such reputable individuals


You are one of the wonderful people I've met ever since I joined steemit...much love for you.

This is really motivating bro

Nice interview with @pfunk. He's already got my witness vote.

Great episode James. Keep it up


Thanks boss.... I'm honoured

@pfunk has my witness vote as he is by far the most likely one to find me a good taco.

I mean, the other things are great too, don't get me wrong.


Thanks for stopping by


Haha thanks Tim! What is it with all these Tims from MN on Steem anyway, my name could be Tim too and I don't even know it. :P

Awesome interview with @pfunk and great advice for minnows/newbies. Already have you have a witness. Keep up the good work.

Thanks @jamesmovic for bringing him on your show


You are welcome bro

Wow @pfunk its nice to know that you love music and support those showcasing their talents what a great advice you also gave to newbies you are inspiring.@jamesmovic you did well in this interviews keep doing your thing.

Wow! This is lovely @jamesmovic thanks for bringing the witness to our reach. With this interview of yours I have been able to know more about steemit witnesses individually
Thank you


I am glad my interview project is helping steemians to know better about witnesses...thanks love

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Pfunk is an amazing witness, I remember when I once interviewed him on steemcosmo. Very friendly and straight to the point.

@pfunk, your reasons for becoming a witness are quite inspiring. Based on this interview, I trust you enough to to act in the interest of other steemians. You deserve my vote.


Thank you for voting him as witness

It's great to know more about @pfunk through your effort in putting up this interview. On my part, he's pretty much keeping Photocircle project sustainable for all it's beneficiaries. Really thankful for it :)

P.s. I'm really glad to see @pfunk rise back up at #20 witness

Thank you very much @pfunk ... for this you have made me eager to upload photos in media steemit ... hopefully one day we can meet 🙏😊

Keep on impacting positive to the steem block chain.. I already voted you as my witness



Thank you very much @mimy

One word on pfunk 'absolute f*cking star, with a big heart'.......................... ok seven words.......... One of steemit's shining examples! ....................... always on my witness vote list, and really should be on yours too, just saying. 😉

I voted for @pfunk a bit ago when I read about his work on Steemit. I would also mention that he engaged for steemcleaners.

He has an interesting view of the blockchain and I think it for me as a kind of newcomer (joined in december) it would be interesting to learn about the history of Steemit and how the network evolved. I digged a bit into the Mining Part but I lacked informations and as it wasn't working anymore I moved on to other parts of the blockchain.

The interview was quite well but I would leave this question away:

"What impression do you have about this interview and what do you feel about it?"

It is a feedback about the interview and I don't think that other readers would be interested in it. In my opinion it just helps to improve the interview but it does not add any further informations about @pfunk.

Thanks for the interview.

Great interview , just some how found this and is good to get an insight

My favourite part.
"@pfunk - On my own I'd like to say: Check out @luzcypher's Open Mic contest posts! It's brought so much good music to Steem and rewards to musicians. If you have any shred of musical talent, please enter it!"

Get on it folks!

Your publication is great, I would like to invite you to my blog and I hope you enjoy it as I do yours, Allow me to follow you ... God bless you.

I don't know how I missed this interview until now. @pfunk has been a generous supporter of the Open Mic project I host and he's a big reason it's so successful. His support of the music community on Steemit and other communities is epic and very much appreciated.

Thanks for this interview @jamesmovic and thanks for the shout out @pfunk.