Witness jabbasteem

Hello Steem Community.
I have my witness running on a 2 core 2GB vps located in Germany with unlimited bandwith and the option to scale up to 12 cores and 32GB within minutes.
My public seed node is running on:

I run my steemd together with a node js script that checks every 10 seconds if...

  1. ...my witness is producing blocks...
  2. ...steemd is properly synchronized with the network...
  3. ...steemd is running out of CPU or RAM...
  4. and if steemd has crashed.

In each of these cases i get notified via email about the problem and so i can quickly fix the problem if need be.
More features will be added in the near future to ensure that my witness is doing it's job reliably.
I might reply to this post via a comment with the complete script so that everyone can use if they want.

I would appreciate your support.

vote_for_witness youraccount jabbasteem true true

Thank you.


Hello. There is still a seed node listed on status.steemnodes.com under your name. I assume this is no longer a valid node? I plan on submitting a PR soon to remove it. Please let me know if it should be kept.