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Hello! I am Igor, and I am applying to become a witness.
I have a web hosting provider and I will keep my witness server running with my resources. I plan to improve my Witness server as my hosting business grow!

Who am I:
I am a 21 years old brazilian, I am making a career in blockchain on community management, though my university career path is Software Engineering I happened to get my first job on a crypto company and I keep building contacts in this area on the customer care side of things instead of the programming side.

What I hope to contribute and why you should vote for me:

-I am starting to study more in depth about blockchains (programming side) and I hope to improve the Steem blockchain, though new I will try to make commits and see what I can improve on the software!

-As my hosting business grow my Witness sever will have more dedicated resources, the Steem blockchain grows fast as more users join, so raising the bar in terms of servers is important

-I am fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, having a hosting company/representative in Latin America is good for diversification :)

Thank you for the attention, now the campaign start, after posting this I will start the witness and connect to my account to set this thread as my presentation link

To vote for me, go to
(note, it is /~witnesses, not /witness)
Scroll all the way down to "If you would like to vote for a witness outside of the top 100, enter the account name below to cast a vote."

type igormuba and click vote

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Oh, by the way, my Blockchain version is up to date! 20.6