@igormuba Witness Update: New Projects, Backup Server, Bringing New Users And Curation

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New Projects

I would like to introduce my new project called @blocosdoigor. The project is focused on the Portuguese speaking/brazilian community, since they have embraced my witness campaing for the day, so, I am sorry, but at the moment I do not have an English version for this project yet. But if you can follow and give some votes or shares (use google website translator) that would be great, since no matter how clever or useful a project is, it's impact is still limited by how many people it can reach.

Here is a breafing on what I am doing or will do there (it is very new, so not much content yet), this are the goals:

  • Post a series of tutorials for totally beginners on what is Steem, what are the interfaces and their uses and how to get started. Showing and teaching about the many interfaces is very important, because a person starting on the wrong interface can it have it's experience ruined, for example, someone looking for video content on Steemit would not like very much the platform, but if we show them dtube, it changes everything

  • Giveaway new accounts for new users, because the 1 to 2 weeks or 3 Steem for account creation can scare some people away, and I am committed to bring people in, by teaching them how to use and feel as comfortable as in Facebook, Twitter or Youtube in here, but they still need an account even if hey "buy"(just a way to saw they agree, everything is free) our promotion and tutorials to join here

  • Curate both good big content and casual small content, this is important because to keep the users I am bringing here I will need to both show them great and interesting content and also help them get readers or viewers or listeners (depending on the interface they join) because no one likes posting content to ghosts, and the portuguese speaking community is still small (imagine if we can change it?! how cool is it)

Backup Server

I have been talking and interacting more with small witnesses and I think I am going to set a backup node soon, in case the main one fails or have some lag, but I still need a few things

  • Read and learn how to setup a backup node, as far as I understood I can just do the exact same thing as I did in the main server, so the 2 will be basically the same, but one of them will get the block first, is this right? If you know, is there some configuration that changes on the backup node or am I right and they are the same?

  • Calculate and resize my budget to pay the extra server

I also want to make a node that deals with peer and the API, but since the budget is small I can't provide such service yet, but I want to provide more services with time, including hosting a dtube torrent node to help them host videos (just with @dtube had a tutorial on how to help hosting on SSH Linux servers, many people might want to help but don't know how to)

Bringing New Users

So, to sum it up, I am working on my goal to bring new users to this platform, but not just users, DEVELOPERS TOO! I am making here, in my personal profile, for now, a tutorial series for beginners on how to develop Steem apps and use the Steem API, I hope that this alongside with my project to bring more users can get the following outcome

  • Create new Steem developers
  • Bring more users
  • Connect the 2 above, giving more users to the developers and more apps to the users
  • Everyone wins!


Also, I would like to thank @quochuy for mentioning me on his Witness Earnings Report - 2018-11-19 and for being reasonable with disclaiming "and the higher your rank, the higher the chance it can happen", I haven't missed any block yet, but some users post saying as if missing blocks is the end of the world, and though ideally witnesses should have one or more backup servers to avoid missing, it can happen.
Thank you for being reasonable and caring on our reputation.

Also, thank you @witnessupdate for mentioning me on Witness Update - 11/18/2018, though the disclaimer sounded a bit more harsh on the "stale price feeds" on the comment he agreed that for witnesses the price feed is not such a big problem. It took action though and am working on a bot to update the price based on time delta instead of price delta (variation), thank you, every information and point of view is valid and appreciated

Hey, I am Witness, did you know?

To vote for me, go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses

(note, it is /~witnesses, not /witness)
Scroll all the way down to "If you would like to vote for a witness outside of the top 100, enter the account name below to cast a vote."

type igormuba and click vote

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At your current rank a backup node is not necessary, it would be a loss of expenses. Backup servers are more appropriate when you're in the top 50.