Humanheart's Charity List : Witness Update 01/09/2018

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State of Witness

Witness server has been running smoothly thus far, no missed blocks yet, price feed is being updated every 4 hours and overall there haven't been any issues that have interrupted the witness from being able to produce blocks.
Currently @humanheart is at active rank 134 and total rank 197
The @humanheart witness will update to HF20 as soon as it is possible

Humanheart's Charity List

The idea of creating a charity list is to create a post every day and setting the charity accounts on the list as the beneficiaries, through this way anyone will be able to use their extra upvotes to fund multiple verified projects at once.

Requisites to be on the list

As explained in a previous post (Humanheart's Charity Mindset) the following things are taking into account when choosing who to add to the list:

  • A project with clear charity purposes
  • It needs to have proof of where the money is going
  • It needs to have a budget that indicates where future donations will go to
  • Removing and Adding projects to the list

    Anyone can suggest the removal or addition of a project, in order to do so you can contact @safedeposit on Discord: humanheart[Witness]#1862
    Additionaly you can place your suggestion on the comment section of any post that @humanheart has published.

    Addition of a project

    If you know of a project that is doing things right you can suggest it for it to be added.

    Removal of a project

    In order to remove a project there needs to be clear evidence of misusing funds donated or no longer working on their charity project.

    Distribution of Rewards

    The concept is simple, depending on how much each project does they will receive a bigger percentage of the post payout, 100% of this post's payouts will be given to charity projects in the form of beneficiaries.

    How can you help?

    You can upvote any of the charity's list post's and your upvote will automatically be distributed among all the beneficiares (projects on the list). This posts will have the following title: Humanheart's Charity List #01 and so on.

    All the rewards from this post will go to charity

    If you like what @humanheart is doing you can support it by approving its witness, here is the Steem Connect link in case you wanna vote for @humanheart for witness

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    You are doing nice job. Voted and Resteemed !

    Since there is a maximum of 8 beneficiaries per post, there will be several parts of the humanheart's charity list (each part will contain 5 charity projects each of them receiving 20% of the posts payout).