Witness update: new project steemrewarding.com

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It's time again for a witness update. My witness server is running strong (only 2 missing blocks for 7 months).

steemrewarding - a new auto voter (not finished yet)

I rented a new small server and registered https://steemrewarding.com for my newest project. I wrote about it in my last post. I'm developing an auto voter where it will be possible to set the following options:

  • include tags
  • exclude tags
  • minimum word count
  • include apps
  • exclude apps
  • exclude posts with declined payment
  • limit votes for an author per day/week
  • option to leave a comment after voting
  • minimum vote power (vote is paused when below)
  • vp based vote (defined author is voted when vote power is above a threshold)
  • vote weight can be scaled by current vote power

Stay tuned, this needs some time to develop. I created a new github repo for it: https://github.com/holgern/steemrewarding.


I'm still working regulary on beem. The newest update can be found here:

steem basic income

I developed the automation for the @steembasicincome project. The newest update about the developement can be found here:

steem monsters

I added a tournament list which is automatically updated from all challonges.com users (If your tournament is missing, please let me now.) You can find the list here: https://beempy.com/sm_tournaments

I added a ELO ranking of all tournament player here: https://beempy.com/static/sm_ranking.html


I added a visualization which shows curation performance and votes for the first 30 minutes. Enter a steem url in the form at https://beempy.com or replace steemit by beempy to view the curation of the post.



I created a small tool for receiving account operation from a steem account. At the moment all written post can be extracted and stored as text file. I'm planing to enhance the tool by receiving also transfers, rewards and delegations, so that it will be useful for a tax declaration. The newest update can be found here:

Statement regarding #stopthepowerdown

Finally, I want to write something about the newest events altough I'm not a consensus (top 20) witness.

I will not run a hard fork on my witness server that removes funds from a steem account.

Besides all the problems, Steemit Inc. had paid and pays for blockchain developers which continuously improving our chain. I prefer that Steemit Inc. keep their funds vested so that projects as utopian-io will further be supported by delegations.

If you like what I'm doing, please consider @holger80 as one of your witnesses. You can use steemconnect.com for approving your vote or go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses and click on my name.

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voted thx. There are Risks from centralisation of funds but hardforking without evidence of malicious intents is potentional harming the ecosystem and for certain by network-law it harms the price, introducing a risk even worse than there was before a fork. One can easily fork a low liquidity and low MAU system to death with just one equaliy distibuted hard fork.

That is great @holger80. I like and need this one. I also like visualization even if I don't understand everything showing there. Thanks you and I will be waiting for the time that website is ready.

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This is pretty cool!

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Awesome. We need more options for auto-voters. Particularly ones with options.

I hope you can eventually add search matching for auto votes. This would be for supporting series by authors for example, or trying to ensure a particular type of post is rewarded, that can't necessarily be differentiated just by tags. This might be necessary to reward app developers as well, for their update posts.

Awesome stuff :) Would it be possible to implement trail-like option? If @user vote -> vote (using my account). This combined with tags would be super cool ;)

I would also love this one trillion percent!

Oh, and !tipuvote 3 steem

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Great job! :) The new autovoter was finished pretty quick.. ! ;)

I only have one problem when trying to enter https://steemrewarding.com/


It's not finished by now, I just registered the domain and rented a new server. I need to create the databases and finish the web interface.

Ah okay. then I misunderstood that.
I was really impressed because I thought it was finished.. ^^

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Interesting project. Glad to see more to come!

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Hey mate. Sorry for the unrelated question but how many SBI shares do you own? Your SBI vote is so yummy. :D

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Excellent post very interesting information good job friend greetings and many successes congratulations

Hi, @holger80!

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I appreciate all the work you did on the automation of @steembasicincome, which I feel is one of the best things we have in this community!

I just happened to have a free witness slot because someone recently disabled their witness, so happy to give you that slot.