@HappyMoneyMan Witness Application - Full Time

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My humble application to be a Steem Witness.

Let me tell you a story...
Before I found Steemit, I launched "Happy Money Man Blog".
I wrote for a newspaper about finding happiness outside of money.

When I found Steemit, I was put to the test.
The table was set. Steemit was served.
Could I really step away from my 9-5 and pour into a passion project?

With heavy hems and haws from advisors, I removed myself from the rat race.
Steemit was my chance to add value to the world.
Here's the video:

I invested my savings into $teemit.

Since then I've produced nearly 200 high-quality videos.
I've made little to no profit, but that's never been my focus.

I've given thousands of Steem through upvotes as a curator.
I've only self-voted with about 6% of my power. 94% to You!

You may think my name means I'm focused on money.
You'd be wrong...

My name is my formula for life:
Happiness, fulfillment, and human connections come before money.
In a life well lived, money is an afterthought. Money is only a tool.

^This mindset has driven my Steemit journey

I spoke at the Steem Creators Conference in Las Vegas

Speaking Pic.png

I also host San Francisco's largest Steemit meetup


I advertise for Steemit

I've produced many videos aimed to drive adoption.

My Apple 1984 Parody for Steemit

I asked the New York Yankees to Partner with Steemit

Here's a sample of projects I'm part of

-Partiko Steem App
-Steem Creators Conference
-Oakland Blockchain Developers
-Blockchain & Grill
-Build A Whale
-Freedom Tribe
-Vloggers Guild

Blockchain N Grill Speaker.png

I created Steemit School on Youtube

Steemit School.png

I want to dig deeper and support your blockchain
That's why I'm here.

My goal is to explain the evolution of Steemit to regular people in a simple way.
I aim to be an intermediary between the tech and content creators.
I'm positioned to do this because I spent years of my life instructing technical systems.
I was a commercial flight instructor and cord blood education specialist.
I find joy in making the complex seem simple.
In addition, I'll remain an advocate for Steemit at conferences & meetups around the world.

My Witness Roadmap For Development

-Most importantly I aim to run a technically sound, reliable, & secure witness server.
-Launch a seed node.
-Run a backup server (as my rank improves).
-Implement an auto script that detects if my server misses blocks and alerts my phone.
-Communicate the current state of Steemit to the users.

-Run Steemit Meetups
-Speak at Conferences
-Advertise For Steemit (I have some more PT Barnum style ads in the works).
-Continue to invest my time and money into Steemit.

Witnesses validate & produce blocks, provide a price feed, and run seed nodes so others can interact with Steem. Witnesses keep the pool clean so you can swim at your leisure.

I run my primary witness server through Privex.io

Server Specs:

Germany Dedicated Intel i7 Solid state drives server
64GB DDR3 Ram
Intel i7
20TB BW @ 1gbps


Remote Hosting
SSH keys to login
Password authentication disabled
Root login disabled

I'm honored to be part of your Steem blockchain

Thanks for your time,
Brandon Parker


Congrats man. I'm just catching up on some stuff just now. I voted for you for Witness

Awesome, thanks for the vote. That shirt is quality. I'm gonna have to order one

@happymoneyman Looking good, thanks for the update.

I know you're super accomplished within the steemiverse, but I'm glad you lead with that first music video... I'd vote for your for president based on that dancing ALONE- GET IT!! Best of luck @happymoneyman !

haha best comment ever. Hopefully that gif doesnt get out. LOL
clearly I'm not taking myself too seriously. Thanks for making me laugh

thats the best way to live in my opinion, plenty of other things to be taken seriously too ;) loves to you and @lifemovedbysteem <3 @happymoneyman !

howdy sir happymoneyman! love what you stand for and preach because it's the truth. Steemit needs you as a witness because of your skills, gifts, abilities, heart, wisdom and leadership!

Thanks for your support Janton

my pleasure sir.

I'll cast a vote for you. Thanks.

I appreciate it. Thank you much

Keep doing the amazing work... You're DEFINITELY a HUGE asset to the steemit community... VOTED!!

hahah yes quality Jordan endorsement

Congratulations man! I'm glad to officially welcome you to the club, and I know you'll do wonderful things for the community. You've got my vote!

thanks for all your help along the way. I'm pretty excited to be up and running

Absolutely, you’re so welcome! And it’s quite the accomplishment (as you know) to get setup. Looking forward to the future for all of us on the blockchain! 👍🏻

So proud of you!! Youve accomplished so much!

awesome. Thank you

Awesome stuff, approved your witness all the way!
All rewards from this comment will go to charity

Awesome, thanks @humanheart. I'll be around supporting your journey along the way as well. Cheers

Awesome man. Great work. Great post. You got my vote.

Thanks for your support brotha

Do you remember the time you fell down a cliff while recording?

absolutely... and 100% upvote to you for remembering. That was such a ruthless/silly fall. Almost a year ago now. haha thanks for making me chuckle at myself

Voted for you as witness i know you are going to do well not an easy job but perfect for steemian like you who has given a lot to this platform all the best

Thanks for you vote @blazing. And thanks for being on the Steem journey for so long now. Cheers. We are becoming Steemit veterans together

Good luck with the witness! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm about Steem with the world. We need ways to make the complexity more approachable, and it seems like that's your target, so right on!

Thanks @katrina-ariel I agree. Approachability equals adoption for Steemit. Nice to meet you in the Freedom Tribe. Cheers

This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever “witnessed” on Steem! Get it...witness.

But dude, way to go! I am extremely impressed and continually amazed by what you are producing for the community.

You’ll have my vote as soon as I can get to a computer. Love it my friend. Love it 😀

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Thanks for your enthusiasm Ken. It was kind of fun to go look through the past year and see all my memories. It's been a fun time. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else

Steem power is like a snowball relesed from a large cliff the more you have it the more rewards you recive as a passive income no matter if the market is bearish.
If the market turns bullish then it is a win win situation :)

Done as suggestion from the chief of freedomtribe, I choose you as one of my witnesses. Fredoom !

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congratulations!! You have my vote(s) :)

Aww I’m so excited for you my friend!! This is a huge next step! ♥️

Thank you. I'm not very technical so it's been quite a journey, but I'm loving the learning. So fun to be on the cutting edge isn't it. yayaya

Hi, only just discovered you on youtube as I was looking more in to effective ways of using steemit and found your video's very useful. Now looking forward to watching some more.

Good work sir.

Now following you as I believe you to be an honest person with honest advice.

Hope to see you as a witness (you got my vote), steemit needs people like you.

Good luck and have a great day @happymoneyman!


@happymoneyman Looking handsome in pic, thanks for the knowledge share .

Awesome video brother

Nyc Update..
wish you grow up