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RE: Witness update

Interesting to see a post by the infamous smooth has garnered only a relative few votes. Maybe this isn't the kind of feedback you were looking for, but it's the thought that struck me first. Wow, 15k SBD you've sold. Are you doing that as a public service, meaning is that something you wanted to do or are you doing it only for the purpose of keeping the SBD stable? Sorry for the strange reply. Have a fantastic weekend, be safe, and Happy New Year to you.


In one of my earlier posts I explained the SBD Stability Fund as something I was doing as a witness to help keep SBD stable. At the time witness pay was a lot higher and we all took on a variety of projects, sponsorships, etc. as part of the position. Now that witness pay has been cut about 85%, we're mostly just paid to sign blocks and adjust SBD parameters, but I've kept my existing projects going for now.

In the case of the fund, since the goal is to sell slightly above SBD and/or buy slightly below, it could ideally make a small profit. But that is not guaranteed. The market maker bot, another project of mine, had large losses prior to HF16 (one of the reasons for HF16 was that the previous structure made non-subsidized market making almost a guaranteed loss) but has been doing a bit better since.

A sincere thank you for all your doing to keep this eco-system healthy. I'll be paying more attention to your efforts as well as the other wintesses.

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