good-karma witness update, ready for HF19 - 18th June, 2017

in witness-category •  11 months ago

Hello Steemian friends,

This is a witness log that will give community brief update about latest changes on projects and witness infrastructure. This post is scheduled and auto posted with eSteem!

Summary: Witness nodes are ready for HF19 and other eSteem project notes.


  • Witness good-karma upgraded all nodes to HF19 (v0.19.0) and continue producing blocks. Witness parameters are unchanged, APR set to 0% to help pegging of SBD, price feed bias 0%, registration fee is 0.3 STEEM.

  • Eager to see results of hardfork 19 within 2 days. Hope it will improve your experience for better. My slight concern is about lowered voting target, but let's see how changes will work out.

  • eSteem feedback and encouragement, voting experiment will be adjusted after hardfork to properly adjust weight of each vote.

  • eSteem spotlight, top user and giveaway - 5 days left until our next draw, I believe we will see some new members hitting top user spot this month.

  • eSteem new version release is scheduled after Hardfork 19 as I mentioned in previous post.

  • All previous witness update posts can be found on my blog or here for easy access and reading.

That's all for now, thank you for reading quick update and continuing to support. Be sure to vote witness and follow, reblog

Your ever well-wisher,

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Can you explain what a hard fork is? And how it affects the platform? Thanks


Hardforks are upgrades to the underlying technology (Steem blockchain) which usually improves the consensus mechanism of the platform. With each hardfork some parameters are tweaked/improved so that platform can grow and scale. If new changes or features are changing consensus those versions of software require hardforks, but if there are few bug fixes which won't effect consensus then they are softforks.


Thank you. Have followed your posts for some time now. You have my witness vote. Best wishes. We all can appreciate "good karma."
Why is everyone in a panic and tizzy over a possible bitcoin hard fork?


Good question, imho bitcoin is quite old tech and nobody wants to break it also reaching consensus on hardfork is impossible due to community size and not properly structured model around it. They don't want to fracture community into separate groups just like Ethereum which now has Ethereum classic because they couldn't reach consensus. On Steem everything works rather different, witnesses and community reach consensus through open public discussions, posts, debates, etc...


Sounds like a winner... "Open discussion" is steem and steemit.. what a powerful design. Now if the government will get lost....


As I understood, hf19 will change only inner technically points of blockchain?
And resteem for @good-karma )


I also want to know more about hard fork in detail

Lets all hope this changes come for the good and benefit us all!
We shouldn´t be scared of hardforks, but excited about the tech´s growth !

thanks for sharing!
Steem on!

Congrats for your work, can't wait for live HF19 @good-karma!

ReSteemed good-karma. Thanks as always for the updates.

Thanks for the update! Just found out not long ago you are the one responsible for esteem! Love its interface! keep up the good work!

thanks for the information,hope the hf19 will bring some new features and more value to steemit.Cheers@ good-karma

Amazing! Followed/upvoted/much appreciated you got my vote for witness! 😁

Thank you for your update!

Exact Date for HF-19 ?


Tue, 20 Jun 2017 15:00:00 UTC


Ah ok
Thank You

very nice and to the point. Wish you all the best.
Re-Steemed + upvoted + share + follow

Thanks for the update. I am ready for the hardfork!

thanks very much. your post is very userfull and benefits.


thanks you very much you has given me 1%. I hope more than that and I will always introduce esteem apps and desktop esteem to all users. thanks very much. and I always supported you forever #esteemfeedback


thanks you very much beucase you are very good. very respect to we


thanks you very

I am really curious to see the impact that the update will have on me and on others like me. The tiny little fishes :))
Thanks for sharing this with us, @good-karma.


It should improve many users experience and increase power of voting by nearly by factor of 4. ;)


Lets see how it goes.
Thanks for answering, @good-karma.

Thank you for you post is very helpful
I must vote you as a witness
Much love

Great reading. Thx for sharing :0) followed and upvoted

Thanks for the quick update. It's very helpful and thanks fot keeping steemit amazing. Hoping for the best

Good project for witness ..
HF19 steady.

Thanks for the update. I guess a lot of different things have to get updates for each new hard fork.

Why the frequent errors in apps using esteem, thanks


Hi @janny, If you elaborate on errors you are getting perhaps I can help to solve it or fix issue with upcoming release... Thanks!

thank you for your great work! @good-karma :)

This is an awesome explanation. I really appreciate you writing this. I will vote witness now.


You got my vote. Good luck!

Thanks for the update! I voted for your witness. I'm not really sure why I hadn't already.

thank you for the update. and as always thank you for keeping steemit awesome.
lets see how things works after the update. hoping for the best. can't wait for the esteem update.

Very interesting to read..
thank you for update..

Thank you so much for the update. Love esteem and look forward to its new update.

Many thanks for the update, i am very glad to find out steem until very recently, and hopefully i will be at least close on esteem spotlight :)

Just give you a vote as witness by the way, thank you for all the support you are giving.

@good-karma my first comment using #esteem . Yuhoo!!

always thanks for your efforts for steem...^^

This photo is very interesting, I am a new person in steemit world, please support and support, so that I can deepen steemit, and make me a person who always interact with steemit

vote, vote and vote !! ^^
you are a great teamplayer thx to help the small one like me
all best for you

Awesome! Thanks for the update. I've been having some major issues with eSteem, but hopefully soon a thing of the past

Thank you @good-karma for witnessing. HF 19 seems to be a big thing. I am very interested to see the effect of HF19 on us minnows.
Question to you: is there any design dependency between eSteem and HF19? Why new release of eSteem is scheduled after HF19?


There are few new changes, I would like to test and possibly include fixes as well. So it would also give extra time to improve some other parts of the app.


Spirit Mr@good-karma
We are loyaly waiting for next update.

Nice to know you have prepared for HF-19.:)

Thank you for your good post. I understand little English and only understand what Google translates for me, but I liked this post.

I wish the team good luck. I hope that these changes will only improve the platform and there will be no reverse effect.

Good news. Thank you!

I am very proud of you, my witness @good-karma. Wow! So excited that we can now schedule post with eSteem. Exactly what I have longed and wished for. Now we have it! I really like the contribution which you have made and you are still making to the Steemit community. That is why I mentioned you in a video tutorial that I made 5 days ago, . Regarding lowered voting after hardfork 19, I have mixed feelings and for that reason have alerted my followers or teammates as I prefer to call them with this post, . Well, let's see how it goes . Thank you so much for your good work and know that you have my continued support. Well done!!! Post rebloged.

Why are you upvoting crap-comments promoting pumps as a STEEM witness?
Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 11.54.42 AM.png


That's probably part of eSteem encouragement program, let me know if you see any more abuses so it can be taken care of. Thanks!


Will do, and you're welcome. Would be appreciated if you removed votes because that article is trending and it's detractive.

Congratulations @good-karma!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 5 with 685 upvotes

Hey Feruz, it looks like the HardFork 19 transition is done great and the app is working better. I could feel that the voting power has increased tremendously now but I suspect it would be short lived as it will take 96 hours to regain the full voting power. Will wait and see how it turns out with the payout. You have been a great help! May your good karma repay you in tons!

I am very happy to follow you @good-karma
Are you willing to follow me
thank you 😊

Thank you so much for update @good-karma

Steemit will, give back the rewards to the people and not to the big Companies !

Thanks for the update and your continued dedication to the platform.

Full support!

Hi @good-karma, i have a question. What is the duty of the voter to his witness? Thanks.


Naturally you want witness to be reliable and serving community and platform in any way they can!

Thanks for the update - looking forward to the changes. Voted for u as witness

Really excited about this since it will help the minnows to grow and the community will be stronger if I am not wrong. Would love to the inputs if I am wrong. Thanks @good-karma for posting this update. Cheers!!!

I'm very eager to see results...
My day will come and I'll be
getting hundreds of upvotes...

Hello Good-Karma, just voted for you as witness. Hope you will make it to the top.

Hi good-karma, I dun know should I ask here, just questioning if my friend sent me his steemit post by message/whatsapp, etc, is it possible for me to directly open it in eSteem instead of Google Chrome/Safari ? As I always have to open it via Safari and re-open eSteem and look for his post..
Thank you for your help in advance :)

we here in aceh, most the users of esteem used laptop with windows 7. is esteem desktop supported os of windows 7?

Amazing creation @good-karma
You always doing some thing good to all people.
Very touched, This project caould help everyone in steemit.
Thanks for everything Mr. @good-karma

Gladly to follow you and waiting for next development

Thank you very much for this post. I have upvoted, please do the same thing for me to help each other.

Upvoted and resteemed! please upvote my posts too :)

We'll I'm new here and got to say it sounds like I've got a hell of lot to learn . But it seems the are a lot of people peppered to help thank you

I am now following you @good-karma, I love to hear new update

@good-karma can you upvote my last blog post?
thank you! :)

Good to know all this information. Your posts are very useful! Thanks!

I noticed you upvoted a comment made on my page, but you overlooked my upvote option... lol...

I need to know how someone can comment on my Post and instantly get your vote...

Namaste @good-karma,

You work very hard to keep Steem a good place for everyone - my vote goes to you.

Respect :)

Good post. thanks @good-karma

thank you for sharing update .followed you

Hi #good-karma, I'd like to ask. Poloniex is having problems with deposits regarding steem and steem dollars right now. Is HF19 the main reason? I've received infos that the reason of it is because of the update.

I will be patient to your reply. Thanks.


Hi, They might have been maintaining their servers to upgrade Steem Wallets to recent version, yes most likely HF19. You can use Bittrex, which I think is done with their maintenance updates.

Hard fork is quit non understandable

@good-karma good psot brother keep up the amazing work

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Thank you for sharing! I've bookmarked this post. Hopefully we can connect on steemit, I'm a new user and I appreciate any support!

Amazing HF19 yaaahoooo thanks @good-karma :) follow me too please :)

thank you for the update!

Hi! Boss.
After I read the post and want to go back,
the tool bar disappears. Please fix it. Thanks!

i understand steem alot better from your post @good-karma may i ask what's the meaning of millivest or something like that?

I will definitely check it out and try it


I'm using an old post as a method to contact you, this can be removed later too if need be.

I wanted to bring to your attention this post I've just read by a (-5) rated user:

I see you have a voted on it, perhaps automatically with a tool. I don't have issue with that, it's just that I'm not sure it looks great to see Witnesses voting on minus rated users. You might think the opposite or see no issue, just wanted to give you my opinion.

Cheers, Asher.


I just checked his content, looks like he is using eSteem and getting rewarded due to encouragement experiment! Votes doesn't necessarily means I agree with content! His reputation probably down due to copy pasted content and down votes. Posts I saw is not copy paste and he seemed to have learned lessons hard way, everyone makes mistakes and why not give him second chance?!


Yes that's fair enough, everyone should get a 2nd chance :)

@good-karma all i ever believed in is karma what goes around comes around i followed u u will follow me back i voted ur post u will vote my comment thats how karma works by the way my question is how does hardfork on steem coin will effect us the steemians
Waiting for ur reply hv a good day