good-karma witness update - 8th July, 2017

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Hello Steemian friends,

This is a witness log that will give community brief update about my latest project works.

Outline: eSteem, Translations, Witness update, Other projects/initiatives...


  • Over last few weeks, eSteem had major improvements. Release 1.4.6 for Android and 1.4.6/1.4.7 for iOS users. Work on new version is underway and thanks to all who is reporting issues, suggestions to our github to further improve the app. To give an idea about eSteem growth, we shared Android usage stats, which shows some demographics details, reached some milestones, iOS stats will be shared soon.
  • Translation of eSteem and future Steem apps - eSteem translations team is growing and different languages are simultaneously being translated. Come and join us if you want to volunteer and help us grow as well as get some reward. Amazed to see well over 266 participants contributing translation, proofreading, and over 50+ languages are being reviewed, translated, proofread.
  • Witness good-karma running HF19 (0.19.0) and continue producing blocks. Witness parameters APR set to 1% to help pegging of SBD, will watch market and revert back if necessary, price feed bias 0%. Registration fee is 0.3 STEEM.
  • eSteem sponsorship SteemFest, we will be to helping out couple of community developers with their travel expenses. At least 2 developers to come to Lisbon (SteemFest and Hackathon) and have their project presented there or work together in Hackathon. I have few candidates in mind, if you have some recommendations feel free to share them in comment section below.
  • Feedback loop and reward encouragement is still running! Thank you for everyone for giving valuable feedbacks and reporting issues! Intentional abusers are being added to ignore list. Please continue to give your feedbacks and suggestions, I do read them all, even though sometimes I won't get chance to respond each comment/post. In future release we will have Quick Feedback feature within app so that it can help everyone to report issues quickly with some additional information such as device and version, etc.
  • eSteem spotlight series rewarded top users of eSteem. I think many liked the idea and trying their best to be highlighted each month. We will be adding some additional sections from this month, stay tuned for that.
  • eSteem image hosting servers moved to dedicated server and we are expanding so it makes sense to give users better experience with their photo uploads. You can also apply different filters and effects to your photo uploads which is making all social experience even more fun!
  • Gamification and achievements, is also something that I am thinking about, achievement badges, rewards and plan out structure for that. You can see some results/examples from @valencra’s blog. He did quite good job!

That's all for now, thank you for reading quick update and continuing to support. Be sure to vote witness and follow me @good-karma.

Your ever well-wisher,

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I would like to participate with your translation project.
I can help translating from English to Brazilian Portuguese


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Congratulation. Recently i saw you are at the top witnesses board.

Esteem easier to use with more native languages, and i hope it will be more stable in the future update.

And again, thank you for what you've done. ☝


@good-karma Hatts off Man.
Your work is Remarkable.
Started using Esteem and it changed the whole steemit experience from good to Best.

Multi Language and Currency options are super catchy and the app is User friendly.

Kudos to the work man.

Many Congratulations

@jerrybanfield @daio @trevonjb @allasyummyfood @steemwhales @silviabeneforti @federacoin45 @entrepreneurx @ferdian @thing-2 @sweetsssj @andrianna @usammiismi @goodmorning @olaitan
Check This is out!

I use esteem on my android phone. Definitely sold on user experience. I find it very easy to browse and check my feed.
Only minor suggestion like I would like to be able to click on following and followers on my user page and get the details.

Keep up the great work



I agree would like to see my followers.

Congrats witness @good-karma, I have a new spirit to a blogger of steemit after got your application in my droid phone. Some time in my mind I'm thingking "can I be like you now?" The answer right now for me it's look like IMPOSSIBLE. But I have to try at less I can be your follower and your upvooter.
And one word for your apk it's "AWESOME".
Kept uptodate!

I have recently started using esteem app. It is nice to have an app for steem. Makes it so much easier to you on the go. I would like to thank you for making this and working hard to make it better. Good job and thanks for updates.

Allow me to introduce myself, My Name Bustami from a small town in the archipelago of Malacca Strait of Aceh province whose daily work I cover news with the profession of online media journalist / journalist in Aceh.

I was born on 08 June 1988 in Alue Binjee Hamlet, Meunasah Alue Village, Nisam District, North Aceh District, Aceh Province, Indonesia Country.

I am the third of six children, my last education is Bachelor in Sociology Department of Social and Political Science Faculty of Malikussaleh University of North Aceh.

At the age of 29 years ie on August 09, 2017 I know and join Steemit through my friend @abunagaya @safwaninisam @zulfadhliekawom @munamaqfirah @abumuda @ steem77 and many more friends in the North Aceh Steemit Association that I can not mention one by one.

My motto is:
"The Challenge To Be Enjoyed not faced" and hopefully Steemit will give me a chance for change.

The kind of change I'm looking for is the ability to create content for the audience of specific topics that I feel the most passionate about. Like cooking, writing, comedy, music, travel, Hopefully by sharing this with you fellow Steemians, I'll have a chance to maybe make some life changes.

So I ask you, to join me and I welcome you for my future and travel in Steemit.

The steemians please follow me yes. Regards @ taministy

Thanks for sharing. I am thinking about installing a witness myself. Jerry Banfield published a good tutorial this week.

@good-karma you are dong a great job here and the eSteem project is adding a lot of value to our steemit community. You will always have my support buddy...wish you and your team a blessed weekend.

awesome work @good-karma.. love what your doing for the people

Thank you for your post I am very happy with your post, you are my encouragement to continue working on this steemit account, once again thank you has inspired me

tha project update the user this aplication most honorable for you are that is good
@good-karma i will be learn your project

we could use a good witness like you to help out with our little community.
Would you be interested in being our witness?

I use the esteem app for my post. But why you and your followers do not go back in my post? (Automatic upvote) sorry I asked it. Thanks @sunbahri

Thank you so much @good-karma for all of your support and encouragement as I start my journey here on Steemit. I love your app and I appreciate that you continually make improvements. Hooray for eSteem!

Your idea is very brilliant, to be honest I am origin @aceh and I am very constrained to adapt to steemit, especially English is not my mother tongue, sometimes I have to spare time menerjemhkan one article into the language I understand that I can understand posting tersebuy, with eSteem I think it's very useful for me, I pray this project supay successful, I was very interested in volunteering in your project. Thank @good-karma, your idea is amazing

Great post and you are doing good job.

thank u veri much for u @good-karma

that is good update @good-karma

I love steem the more when i hear or read such improvement and people like @good-karma
Upvoted and resteemed

Thank you so much for keeping us updated @good-karma!

I will report feedback of esteem app for latter, and

Thanks for the update, keep up the good work!

I'm new and keeping up with your posts to try to understand esteem and My brain is beyond its capabilities at the moment. But thank you for posting this help and I will keep reading and learning. Everything about steemit has a learning curve for me :)

Always love your post

Good Stuff. Keep up the good work!

The app esteem is too good. I am using this app for almost 1month and I am satisfied. I encountered some problems but I hope it will fixed in the next update. Best of kuck for upcoming updates.I just posted a review of your app I hope steemians will like it.

Nice post@good-karma

nice post

Love steem
Long live steemit
We are growing with strong future ahead...
Together we can make happen impossible....

Congratulations on his success @good-karma

Thank you!

Really nice...thanks for the updates :)

Great Improvement @good-karma, nice to use app for highest android RAM

very good improvements, I hope it would be nice if possible for the future in addition to make improvements can also be done a little development. Such as, the feature of sharing content directly with other social media and chat feature among fellow followers although there is already a separate chat room it might be very good if we can directly interact with fellow followers through esteem. By the way, thanks @good-karma for his hard work. Wait for further development :)

awesome brother!

Wow. The future looks really bright woth the way the project is moving. Kudos @good-karma for giving steemit this wonderful opportunity to go mobile. I am looking forward to the gamification and also the release of the desktop version. I tried joining the translation team and i wanted to translate it to the local language of Ghanaians. Hope every language needs to be

Seems like you're doing a lot for steemit ! Thanks for trying to make this place better. Voting you for witness :)

Thank you @good-karma..
I am very happy using android and a bit later my android may RAM 2gb maybe it's time I update my phone.

I have already voted for @good-karma as witness long ago, i do not know much about the technical side of the steemit network, but one thing is for sure, eSteem is a great app and is improving under @good-kamra's watch day and night and making very positive impacts on overall community. You are doing great work for the community. Hats off

Cool))) Upvoted and resteemed)))

Thank you very much! I like eSteem!

Thanks for all that you do for the platform and for keeping us up dated.

Vote good-karma. A witness that makes the platform more accessible. Though it might not look like it sometimes ;-)

Très bon article merci beaucoup je le dis de propre volonté c'est parce que tu nous aide c'est aussi tu es un exemple à suivre.

Merci et bonne continuation

Great news brother. This will make use easy

Fllowed and upvote

Thanks for sharring

wow! great stats! :)

When is Hardfork 20 going to hit?
Do you know or is it undisclosed?
Thanks for all your work as witness Feruz!
Just voted for you :)

I am giving good-karma a follow shot b/c there is so much to learn here and we have quality witness here with quality posts like this - keep up the good work !

I known you when I see you are in 2nd position of Witness list and I like our post and they are useful for me thus I followed to read your post :)

That is great.


Please include a signature option so we could write something there and that could be added at the bottom of each post automatically. Me, for example. I use a footer and it'd be grate if I didn't have to go copy the code each time. (like this)

It doesn't have to be added to comments but only on posts.

and thank you for the app @good-karma


I do 99.9% of my steem posting and reading in the esteem app for iOS.
It's such a nice piece of kit. Sure it crashes at odd times every now and then. But I've never lost a piece of work from it yet. It somehow manages to keep what I've done even under massive system failure.
The only thing I'd change from how it is, is to allow the typing in of voting power as well as the slider. It's very hard to get a number dead on. I don't want to vote 10.63%

Other than that small request, you've created an extremely user friendly and very useful app here. For that I thank you.

Great job.

Steam On!

Thanks for update man! Voted as a witness! Good luck!

ESteem great app. :)

Voted you as a witness, even though In not sure what it means. Good luck to you I got you

Wow man, you really have a lot going on! Thanks for the in-depth update and hope everything else in your life (outside of Steem) is going well!


Help me please, please @good-karma

Hi Good-karma. I am from Japan. Yesterday, I equest for the translation volunteer for Japanese. I want to spread out with steem in Japan. Because Japan is nobody knows about steem. I look forward to arroval. Have a great time to you. Normally, If I write down in Japanese, nobody can search my articles. but Today I was suprised with vote numbers. Because I feel people cheered me. Japanese people is not good at in english. Normally(not all) japanese dont use translation program and scared for new one.

Beutiful fhoto

Great share! Keep on working make us smarter...

nice post you got my vote

Thanks Feruz! I'm loving the app. Having a little trouble with the pic uploads though. Won't go through. No biggie though. Keep up the good work!


Hi, do you get any error messages, would really help to see screenshot of error so we can address it right away?! Thanks


No worries. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app last night before bed. All is working 100% Thanks for replying buddy!

Thank you for the eSteem app! I excitedly look forward to the new updates!

Hello @good-karma
Whom you upvote daily.
There is any specific content which your bot upvoted daily.
I voted on your witness.
Please reply
Thanks to you @good-karma to build community in @steemit

Thank u~ Great :) 고마워요~~

Congratulation @good-karma and very useful

it was so useful for me thanks for the information

It really great.

Thank you Mr. @ good-karma has helped us a lot of steemians, hopefully all the plans of good Bapak in the form of additional application capacity starting from Language and others I highly appreciate, we do'akan fore the application of esteem is more developed and facilitate for beginners, so In the future steemit beat other social media in reap the benefits both in terms of material and non-material, I as a new user is looking forward to the instructions of Mr. @ good-karma as well as support and guidance hopefully I become one of the successful user esteem in the future. Regards @safwaninisam

Thanks for the update @goodkarma

This is fantastic and I love its ingenuity.

Nice post

Let me be a translator for esteem app in hindi.

Congratulations @good-karma!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 4 with 485 upvotes

I do not think there is a problem, but the change is certain. Few complaints from me, about the very extravagance of internet quota, what is the solution ...

Thank you good karma with your support now i am in this steemit, i like your application,
I really appreciate you, go ahead for steemit

woow ...
Luar biasa Tuan @good-karma
saya tepat memilih anda sebagai witness !!
saya juga berterimakasih karena anda cepat menanggapi permasalahan yang terjadi tidak mengenal besar kecilnya tapi anda selalu memberikan yang terbaik kepada kami #steemian.
terimakasih kami ucapkan kepada anda tuan

nice bro 😃

Great post. Thank you very much for sharing this valuable information to help others.

upvote, follow thanks~

I've seen @valencra blog it was great.
And yeah thank you all your updates
Loving steemit
Sharing are caring people @good-karma


My post button isn't working please help anyone


Do you have title, body and tags filled in?

This is a good post, for @good-karma , I am very spirit. Hopefully the next post is better than this. Thank you already share. And thank you too, if you time, to see my post today and for upvote and refres I am very grateful.

This is very useful for us

Very interesting and valuable post .. i love it, success for you.

Hi @good-karma I am very enthusiastic about the development of esteem. I am one of the users because it is very easy to use wherever and whenever 🙆🙌
Regarding obstacles so far, sometimes the app fails to reply to comments and returns on the home page, and how to upload videos by apps esteem? Hmmm ... Is it possible my phone does not support the use of such love app or how. By the way, I use hp with brand and type xiomi redmi note 2. Thank you. 🙏


Hi, Thank you for your comment! We don't have video uploads at this point. eSteem should support Android 4.x up versions. If you do get error messages, please send screenshots so we can try to fix it with future releases...


Well ... I am very excited to wait for the latest developments of esteem application when you can upload video. Yes I will screenshoot if there is a problem. Thank you @good-karma 🙆🙏


Great work!the app is useful.thanks for sharing!


First of all congratulations good-karma .. i want to upvote you as a witness but dont how do it... I am new here just been around a month will your updates and things too You seem like a great professional blogger and i need quality content on my feed ...:)

Edit :- I just upvoted you .. figured it out the link provided wasnt working now it does maybe my internet sorry lol

Thanks for that info. I hope it will improve...

hi !!! @good-karma please vote me @fadhila

thanks sob

very nice Congrtx @good-karma <3

I just joined Steemit. Many things I have not understood. But I will continue to learn, especially following your writing. Thank you @good-karma


hey upvoted and followed ! check my blog about cryptos :) follow for follow ?

Just Voted Witness !
Vote for me please !!!

overall the app is good for me on my iphone, i'll notice you if you need something to improve.
oh ya, i take one project of your translator project

very very good work @good-karma

Thanks yoe @good-karma information, nice post.