good-karma witness update - 22nd July, 2017

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Hello Steemian friends,

This is a witness log that will give community brief update about my latest project works.

Outline: Witness update, Other project logs,


  • Witness good-karma running HF19 (0.19.1) which was released recently to solve bandwidth error messages for relatively new users. We (witnesses) have tried to address this issue by increasing blocksize when issue was report first, hoping that would solve the issue, but later it was found that there is a bug within bandwidth calculation and integer overflow. Devs quickly fixed the bug and released candidate softfork release 0.19.1. As of now 15 of top 20 witnesses running 0.19.1 release. Witness parameters APR set to 0.1% to help pegging of SBD, will watch market and revert back to 0% if necessary, since majority of the SBD held on exchanges and giving APR doesn’t help much to encourage users to hold it. Other parameters, Price feed bias 0%, Registration fee is 0.3 STEEM.

  • eSteem - short progress update, development of new version is going great. Some of the exciting feature we are working on is Activity manager that lets you see all recent activity for your account. Also leaderboard and initial implementation of achievements is being worked on alongside performance improvements and bug fixes. Released eSteem FAQ, feel free to comment your question there if you would like some clarity.

  • Server maintenance done 9 days ago to improve notification and image upload services.

  • eSteem sponsorship, 250 + 500 SBD sent to @robertdurst10 to help him with his SteemFest travel. Post reward from this post will also be directed to him. He is working on Steem.Engine project and will be attending Hackathon and SteemFest in Lisbon, Portugal.
    Do you know any developers working on Steem apps? Let me know... Edit: It turns out, today we learned that Rob cannot make to SteemFest due to other commitments, will be looking for developers to help them with their travel expenses.

  • Encouragement, Spotlight and Translation initiatives are running to help grow community.

  • All previous witness update posts can be found on my blog or here for easy access and reading.

That's all for now, thank you for reading quick update and continuing to support. Be sure to vote witness and follow me @good-karma.

Your ever well-wisher,

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Good update @good-karma
I do use the esteem app most of the time. I really appreciate the update for the lagging on updating pictures. No problem for now.
Got to vote for your witness.
Good thinking for your telegram group to help out other on esteem.
Keep on steemit !!

Success in ur work @good-karma. Esteeam was help steem user more efectively in posting daily.I know some of developers from aceh, but don't join steem before, I want to introduce it to them maybe they could join to support our esteem.

@good-karma i use your esteem app and you have been so helpful which i do appreciate, in the next upgrade would you consider adding a word suggestion features or perhaps a dictionary to the esteem app? Sometimes one get lost in spellings, you know how this things go.
I dont know if there's something i don't about this all

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Sure, spell-checker will be enabled which should have word suggestion depending on phone settings ;)

That will be great, thanks for your effort in making this platform worth it dreams

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

A social share option to share posts with other social media like Facebook, g+, twitter, etc would have been a welcome addition. A favourites section where we can pin posts as favourite category is also requested. Thanks for the nice esteem app.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Goodkarma, you are a steemit knight and a true representation of steemit and i salute you sir. You guys are doing such a great job and im following right in your footsteps. Thanks for a job well done again and its people like you who will forever allow steemit to grow. Even right now I'm using esteem since that is my best option for steem as we speak. Keep on steeming and never stop.

@good-karma the @esteem app is too great and i use steemit through it. But i suggest you that kindly update the app so that one can upload a video also through this app. @esteem has made steemit easy but uploading a video is a bit problematic.
I hope you will consider mysuggestion.

Also thanks for the 14SBD reward for the translations into Assamese and yes I voted you as witness @good-karma.

Thanks for all the hard work you're putting in on these projects! I look forward to seeing them become even bigger and expand the user base worldwide :)

I do believe in karma - I just call it consequences

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@good-karma Thank you for your initiatives to build steem community and carry out witness duties so conscientiously. HF19 went smooth and eSteem app is getting better every day. I use it every day on the move. Thanks for this update. Will vote for you as witness (update - voted today)

At my end, I have continued my efforts to learn new skills for a quality blog and added a GIF blog with an exciting 'Bathing beauties-Elephant herd tracking and dust bath story'. I request you to take a look when you have time and provide your comments. It will be an honor for me. Thanks

Can you start adding what interest rate you are using to this? What is it by the way.(I only vote for those with positive interest)

Voted long time ago already hahaha, tnx for the updates and good app @good-karma I'll keep on, steem on!

Nice post brother..

Hi @good-karma, i see esteem there is a little less, please add again menu so that we can find friend like in browser, in esteem i can only see the post we have follow while to search for new friend there is no search menu. Please guidance the witness

There is search from top right menu! You can search for Tags and Friends from there, let me know if you find it

In my esteem app, search only for tags but not for friends. Which appears only tag selection while others are empty. Please explain, because we are very happy to use the application from you. Esteem

Looking forward to the updates.
I love the app.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

I really appreciate your works towards the community in making it much better day by day.

thanks for the information.
I am happy to be friends with @good-karma

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You Win At Life

Way To Go @good-karma You Got My Vote :)

Great Post!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Удачи на Стимите @good-karma!
Ап и Репост
Голос отдан уже давно))

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Really useful post for steemit @good-karma user, I really feel comfortable using steemit application where application is continuously perfected with running time, let alone been equipped with witnesses that facilitate controlling post and reply the steemian, hope steemit growing and always victorious. ...send regards for succes. By.@muslia


@good-karma I can confidently say that you're the man.. and I think that resonates with many other steemians. Keep up the good work. Have a lovely weekend!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Master @good-karma why apps error today?

@good-karma thank you for the work you do and how you go about them. i have voted you as witness already. i use the eSteem and its nice. i like how you can share your post to other social media platfrom on phone and how easy and friendly is it. thanks for this wonderful app

Merci pour votre article. Est ce que vous pouvez faire un tour sur mon blog @zeryius s'il vous plaît merci.

Good 😊 information))

Great to know that esteem is getting upgraded. It is very useful for steeming on the go... however i have a question. Is there anyway that the scheduling option can be looked at? It doesnt seem to work...

Keep up the awesome work and thanks for the update 👌👍

Hey jaynie,

Yes of course, Do you receive any error messages while scheduling post? Would you mind elaborating on issue you encountered? Thanks

Here you go...


  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Well to be honest, i never did it more than once because the post which i scheduled just got stuck there. It is still there. It never posted and i cannot click on it, open it, delete it or edit it... it is just 'there'.

That particular post was a bit of a test post to check that it worked... luckily because essentially that content is lost and i would have to retype it all again. Ill see if i can take a screenshot...

Hmm weird, I will look into it. You can swipe left on top of any scheduled posts to move them to Drafts where you can edit and post or re-schedule. As for not published, can you try schedule your future post for few minutes in future and see if it gets published?

Très bon article qui est très bien fait. J'ai mis mon upvote pour vous. Est ce que vous pouvez faire un tour sur mon blog

Thanks for the information!!!!

thank you :) I'll try to install esteem again and give it a try.

Thanks for the information :)

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Nice post good karma

i vote you .please i need steem power level hight vote me

Thanks alot @good-karma! So very excited to join you all at SteemFest and continue working on SteemEngine so that it is ready to be shared prime time! Been really involved here in the last few months and cannot wait to give back to the community. Now triple checking the wallet set-up I have... Parity hack has me paranoid :(

Also, thanks for supporting 19.1. I know in @steemitbc, lots of community members were experiencing bandwidth difficulties. Hell, I even ran into some and I have over 700 SP.

And quick question, why did Steem Registration go up?? Wasn't it just 0.2?

Cheers and Steem on,

Looking forward to it, Rob! Keep up the good work ;)

Registration fee is 0.2 + delegation right now, steemit might be choosing different ratio though.

account_creation_fee: "0.200 STEEM"
maximum_block_size: 65536

A lot of things being done lately. That is awesome. Everything is running smoothly

Hopefully your job is smooth. Thank @good-karma

Any person who us helping this community deserves my vote!
Voted you as witness!

A Strong women looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink
Cheer for world cup final for Team INDIA @aaravm and upvote post

AWESOME! Thanks for working hard to make steem better for everyone else.
The world needs more people like yourself my friend.
Steem on @cryptomydollars

Thanks for that fantastic report @good-karma ... so glad you guys caught the bug! 🤣

A Strong women looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink
Cheer for world cup final for Team INDIA @aaravm and upvote post

Dear witness,
I really appreciate your reply on my post to tell me the real value of steem. I want to invest very much on steem, but with this business plan, I am sure, it fails in future.

Thanks a lot.

Nice Post

Thankyou for witness update Voted and Followed want some vote on my posts..

awesome post, am following on this one

It's a great development, very useful to us, amazing, keeps on working. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the good information from our #witness @good-karma.
We are waiting for the latest update you are working on.
I always follow and reblog what you post.
For all the #steemit and #eSteem lovers know what's new from you.
Once again thank you so much sir.

Good post, I like your post @good-karma

I recently started using the esteem app and it so much more convenient rather than using a browser like safari or chrome.
Thank you for all your work @good-karma as a witness as well as trying to spread and help the international community here on steemit.

i follow you .i need steem power level hight vote me

Oh, that's why i can't vote make a post and commenting (Almost frustrated)..
I hope this issues will resolve soon. Thank you @good-karma for updating the information, finally eliminating my confusion.

Nice post bro

Useful updates. Thanks for sharing.

So i guess you wrote this post on esteem and it gets posted as normal on steem- i reckon i am learning and maybe will be joining up soon -- thanks for the info about witness activities too -David

Izinkan saya resteem postonh

Thank you @good-karma for your help and support
You are my witness and hero
Keep it up

Nice post @good-karma

Nice post. Looking forward to the updates.

I already voted you as witness..

Keep up the good work @good-karma!
Which other witnesses would you promote?

I still consider myself new here and although I´m trying to read up on witnesses, it is not something I´ve taken too much time on yet (I know I should prioritize! :) )

Any pointers to witnesses you think I should read up on would be great!

Thanks! :)

Many witnesses make weekly or monthly updates, I suggest you to read their updates. If you trust someone else's judgement you can also set them as proxy so whenever they vote some witness your account will also follow. To set proxy you can check bottom of this page:

Alright, thanks!

Looking forward to see the growth of eSteem

A Strong women looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink
Cheer for women's world cup final for Team INDIA @aaravm and upvote post

@coquinlimited don't miss this up date.

great job..thank for update..@good-karma

FYI: My article proposing a fix for the SP Delegation Loophole. Hope it helps. Followed. Voted!

Great post thanks sharing @mannyfig1956

Thanks for the updates and all the hard work

thanks for the info and great effort.... im sure it will increase the number of user world wide...

you are awesome @good-karma

Awesome work @good-karma !! I truly appreciate you and your efforts!! I upvoted your post. 😊

thanks also for the article too, it is a nice write up.

awesome app bro. keep em coming

Sorry @good_karma, I do not understand about 0.1%, what percent is it?
Is it for new account users now?

Good efforts , we all are with you keep it up

i follow you and upvoted you as personal . thanks @good-karma to allways make steemit better than before . steemit community created because of you and the other witness :)

Solid contribution to the community, @good-karma. This is just the start! Thanks for the update :)

Yes, that bandwidth error was annoying. I'm glad we have witnesses to keep this site running well.

I wanted to setup a witness node. Next week i will try toget that done. How is your experience So far? Need to look at the admin requirments? Is it a 1 hr or so daily or a constant monitoring required. I am planning on cloud based server

I really appreciate your contribution to the community life! Thank you @good-karma for your support! Travel with me! I hope you enjoy my best works last week! Maybe you have not seen everyone!

Loving the app! Thanks for always keeping us informed. I'm glad most of the witnesses I voted for are on top of their game!

Thanks for doing a great job its very helpful to us..thanks Sir @good-karma

I had done my witness for you bro..last 3 weeks i think..God Bless

thanks for the update good-karma.. happy to hear someone is on the case!!!

Thanks for shairing updates!

Very nice i
I love to join steemit and to help earh other
#vote and follow you
Do not forget to follow me

Success in your work @ good-karma. Esteeam helps steam users be more effective in posting-postings every day. You and you are very helpful that I appreciate, hope @ good-karma success continues.
Thank you very much.

Thanks for everythink sir. We are your friend in esteem apps. We are gladly in use your esteem aplication.

I really appreciate your works towards the community in making it much better day by day.

I've just started using eSteem and I must admit that I am very much impressed by it. Thank you

Thanks for the update

Happy to vote for you as a witness.. Fingers crossed for you

Nice article! I love the esteem app! It's awesome, keep up the great work!

voted you as witness @good-karma.
Really a good karma!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you @good-karma
Have shared this good news, hopefully the future Esteem is getting ahead

This is a good post, I really like it. Hopefully the next post is better than this. Thank you already share. And thank you too, if you get time, to see my interesting post today and upvote and like it i'm very thankful.

Thanks, I just wanted to tell you that I love the esteem app, writing, replying is now easier and comfortable because of esteem :).

That is very good to hear, thank you for the update.