Announcing a new witness node

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Thanks to @justyy 's vote, my first blocked was minted 2 days ago

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Who I am?

A stay-at-home dad for many years. Besides taking care of my children, I spent most of my time on reading books, gardening and discovering new stuff. After my children go to school this year, I have more time to do what I like.

I got my first computer in early 2000s and taught myself programing, selling shareware and building websites(search engine). I am learning and interested to explore more in NLP(Natural Language Processing). I stumbled upon Steem three years ago when I was actively doing crypto asset trading at that time.

Though I am a Bitcoin Hodler, I am open to chains with different consensus algorithm and economy model. I've been asking myself many times why I am buying/selling and holding cryptos? Of course, I want to make money. Properties that I can hold, transfer and handsel to children with no censorship.

Steem witness

Actually this witness account was created in August 2017. Unlike bitcoin hash computing mining, Steem runs on dpos. Witness won't be selected to produce block without community voting. I got 0 block produced after running a witness node for 2 month. That was a very interesting experience.

Steem, as an incentive content blockchain, is more than decentralized money. I've setup 2 nodes at this time, 1 seed node i Germany and 1 witness node in US. I will be glad if you use my seed node:

Upcoming works

Jay Kim created a private witness discord chat server, let's meet there and help improving Steem everyday.

@future.witness @justyy and @ety001 are working on full node. I will run a full node instance once their docker image is ready. Meanwhile, I will test and play with steem APIs. I am interested to build a free (in speech) dictionary on Steem/blockchain.

Vote for me

Please approve @fuli as a witness - - > Vote for fuli

You can also vote me here: Vote for Witnesses