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You're my third witness voted. Funny how you managed to upvote two of my recent posts in seconds.
I felt like a salmon caught by a bear when jumping upstream.
Thanks for your attention and appreciation and wish you all the best with your witness work!

Postingan sangat bagus,saya suka karya anda,terima kasih sudah membantu vote kami...


Sorry, I don't understand.

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Woah! That's a lot of tags :)

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thanx for upvote my my baby,,pls tell me how to have posts more than 1 $ upvote i want get my first upvote 1 $ but i can i try post alot but no way lol

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Nice witness @fbslo

Don't understand dude :) and this really cool witness of you..

Thanks fbslo, I vote you for witness

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friends your posting is the best
your the best
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friends your posting is the best
your the best
please vote me back yes

sir @fbslo.., how do i make that much tag ..,
please guide me because i am beginner in steemit. now I follow you, thank you.
greetings from me.


You need to have some campaigns about steemjs javascript -

posting simple, but upvote extraordinary

This is an important post

Where can I vote for your witness?

· and type fbslo in the text box at the bottom if the page.


ready :D

Very beautiful.witness-category blockchain. to-steem post to you for thank you very much, and this post a lot like and like post vote and comments and post share, I like this post a total of all see and this post to everyone can vote

Terima kasih sudah membantu/bekerja sama nya,sukses terus, @fbslo...

so exactly how do you vote for a witness?

· and type fbslo in the text box at the bottom if the page.

I am amazed with your success @fbslo thank you very much.

thank you as much as I say to you for upvote me. I pray that your days will always be successful.

I appreciate your support, thank you. Upvoted

@fbslo, I transferred 24 hours ago, to @boostme 0.1 SBD and to @profit of 0.01
SBD. I had not seen that you disabled them 19 days ago. What solution do you give me? thanks for your attention.


I sent you refund for @boostme. I don't own @profit account, my account is @iprofit.


Ok thank you! excuse me the mistake. I wish you much succes!

How to up my steemit account? Please give me some tutorial to learn it

You got a 2.55% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @fbslo!

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nice post your post is tha best post of steemit and tnx for vote for me

Terimakasih atas kerja sama yang baik. Semoga sukses selalu

Very good my post @fbslo

Thank you very much upvoted @fbslo.

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Todavía no entiendo como es posible pero es impresionante cada monto en sus publicaciones. Felicidades.

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excellent friend You have my support. I hope to count on your support to keep growing. regards

Thanks 💗💗💗✔ prima danke schön 🌷

I really like your posts.
I'll be back to see more interesting postings.

how to use the witness?
i am the beginner