(Temporary) Resignation as Steem Witness

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I have started my Steem Witness in February 2018. It's been over 1 year and 3 months (460 days) since than. But for the last few months, I was think thinking about shutting down my server. There were different reasons, but mostly the "crypto winter". It was fun, but everything have to end once.

@fbslo Witness Update (2).png

And now the time has come. I will shut my server down soon and I would like to explain why.

  • Main reason is that even after recent pump in STEEM price, I lost too much money (~1500 STEEM). I was in profit for only 2 months and total profit in those 2 months was around 10 STEEM per month. I can't afford to spend so much money anymore.

  • Second reason is that I'm not focused on Steem for the last few months. I haven't read a post in two months! I believe that there are more active and better witnesses who deserve your vote much more than I do. Please go and vote for them.

  • Last reason was that I don't have any way to pay for the server. I was using @Privex at start, but than I swiched to Hetzner (50% cheaper). I was using PayPal to pay my bills (I on't have Credit Card / Bank account), but few days ago, my PayPal account was permanently banned (for no reason) and I have 60 USD (that should be used for server) frozen for 180 days. PayPal sucks!

At the end, I would like to say THANK YOU to all my voters, who supported my all the time.

Since Steem is stake-based, I would like mention my biggest voters: @neoxian (Thank you for your support since start, it meant a lot to me), @minnowsupport, @vortac, @buzzbeergeek, @r2cornell, @oldtimer, @shadowbot, @josephsavage, @justyy, @emrebeyler, @asmolokalo, @pjau, @paulag, @idikuci... THANK YOU

THANK YOU to ALL my 331 voters too!!!

I reserve a right to start my witness again in the future (When I have time & servers again). But until then, you can give your vote to other witnesses.

https://fbslo.net & http://fenetix.com


Sorry to see you go. let us hope there are better times ahead.

I like to diversify in much more than steem so when any one crypto starts going down others balance things out.

I really thought Steem was on the move when it hit $0.50, but it did not hold.


Sorry to see you go. This is the first I've heard about PayPal suspending people, what the heck is that about? O:

It's a shame to lose another long term witness, hopefully things turn around and you can resume again!

I hope that you are back soon as you were one of the top Steemers I know. And brought back the snake game memories:)

sorry to see this happen, we also took down our server the week before last so I understand :-)

Sorry to see you go.
Hope to see you back as a witness in the future.
These PayPal stories just keep popping up too frequently.

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It's sad to hear that :( I feel alone here as all the people I know have left

Too bad.

That paypal thing is weird.

Wish you the best!

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Thanks for your service, you are welcome back any time.

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