Vote @ausbitbank, @Steempty, @steemychicken1 for Higher interest

in witness-category •  last year

My last campaign for higher interest was wildly successful. We lifted @liondani from low twenties to #5 in the witness list, thereby replacing a 0 with a 5 percent interest payer. Now let's vote out @blocktrades (0%apr) and vote in @ausbitbank, a (1% payer). We can add @steemychicken1(10%apr) for good measure if you are under 30 votes.


My prior note here was very successful and better explain what we are doing. Here is phase 2!

Notice @liondani is now number 5, a huge move! Our friend @abit is now #21.


Our next targets to boost interest rates are voting for @ausbitbank(1%), @steempty (2%), and @steemychicken1 (10%). While voting out @blocktrades(0%).


Happy Voting !

Here is the link!

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I'm for an interest of at least 1%, most of the time. I think we need an incentive to make people hold the asset.

My witness is currently running with an interest of 1.5%, something that may rise further.

I'm currently only at position ~60, so I don't have much to say unfortunately.


I think it should be higher than 0 and I prefer 5-10 percent but first order of business is to replace 0perxents with positive interest.


Not sure it should be that high. We want users to hold SBD instead of selling it. The price is relatively stable as it is and we don't want to generate so much new SBD that the market price is flooded either.

A good healthy APR is indeed needed, that I can agree on. Having 0% isn't ideal. It was acceptable when the price was $2 and way of the peg. But now we should be able to reward people for holding SBD again without hurting the peg.


I would like to see much higher steem dollar supply. If this was a more prevalent currency it could be used everywhere. It's fast, easy to use and earns interest. If it was competitive with with CDs people would store their savings here. Steem dollars could actually pull up the price of steem. Before steem cap was too small to support a big sbd supply but now I think it could easily support $50m of sbd. Sbd could be so much better than tether. I would love more supply.

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