Witness rankings #80 - The struggle is real

in witness-category •  2 months ago

Having an all-time low considering the last 4-5 months in the rankings.

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 10.28.07 AM.png

Even though I didn't lose any big SP holders' vote, going down and down in the list. Seems like the there are new voters spending their votes - which is a good thing, overall.

Will continue to support the network and the STEEM ecosystem with my skills. If you a have witness vote available, consider casting one for me.

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Good wishes for you @emrebeyler
I have already voted for you... 😊😊😊


Thank you. :)

Always with you bro

Rank 80 is not a bad rank to be in, it allows you break even at least.
Take @humanheart's witness for example which is currently at active rank 135 and can't break even (witness earnings only cover 5% of server costs).


Good luck on the journey.