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On the 8th of March '18, I have produced my first block20504909 on the STEEM blockchain. Almost one year has passed since I produced that block.

It was a great year. I have worked on and contributed to countless STEEM related projects and am involved in lots of STEEM communities and -most importantly- used Steem as my primary online social network.

Check out my witness profile website

Witness infrastructure

I run three dedicated servers to support the STEEM network:

Primary Witnessi7-6700 Quad-Core 64 GB DDR4 2x2 TB SATA
Secondary Witnessi7-6700 Quad-Core 64 GB DDR4 2x2 TB SATA
Hivemindi7-6700 Quad-Core 32 GB DDR4 2x500 GB SATA SSD

In addition, a script on a small virtual server constantly monitors my primary witness' status and failover to a backup server if a block miss occurs.

Even though I roughly produce 1 block every 45 minutes, it is important to keep the block misses as low as possible.


Here is a quick highlight of what I have contributed during the last months:

  • I have founded and developed dPoll is the only running polling app which operates on a blockchain. It's currently ranked at #6 on steemapps. The dPoll platform generated around 5400~ blockchain transactions in the last 7 days.

  • I have created Tower. A REST interface to Hivemind. It's the first project that enables access to the Hivemind database without owning a Hivemind instance.

  • I have introduced the first public Hivemind node.

  • I distribute daily database snapshots of Hivemind.

  • I have developed Heisenberg which is a Python framework to play Drugwars.

  • I have developed Lightsteem. A Python3.6+ framework to interact with the STEEM blockchain.

  • I have developed infestor. A project that offers accounts for free. I have given away more than 150 accounts with this tool to the community.

  • I have developed transmitter. A Python3.6+ witness update/feed update tool. (Supports broadcasting with signing keys.)

  • I have developed steemconnect-python-client. Many applications use it to develop STEEM applications.

  • I have developed tagbot. A community curation bot based on tags. Lots of communities still use it.

  • I have developed instasteem. A CLI tool to cross-post your instagram posts to your STEEM profile.

  • I have developed dcom. A discord for STEEM communities. @sndbox, and @dolphincouncil projects use it.

And more... I don't want to bore you with all of them. :).


Community Involvements

  • I helped @sndbox as a curator for organized contests. I Also maintain the main discord bot which handles registration and curation.

  • I develop and maintain an automated voting bot for @creativecrypto.

  • I review submissions in the development category for @utopian-io.

Future plans

  • I will continue developing and maintaining my open source projects and tools.

  • I will continue to support applications and communities with my skills and expertise.

  • I plan to have hands-on experience in the blockchain's core part. At least the ability to review the changesets and hard forks with a better understanding. I can already understand the code, however, I cannot say that I am %100 comfortable with it.

  • I will run a full RPC node as soon as producer rewards cover the costs. (It requires a top20 spot to support it financially at the moment.)

Vote for my witness

Thank you for reading this far. I am having a good run towards top20, recently.

If you think I deserve a witness vote from you, consider casting a vote on via Steemconnect or on


Interesting to follow Witnesses' work on Steemit and see how they compete with each other.

My vote won't help you much, but you've got it anyway.

I remember looking at your tagbot when I coded our community upvote bot (@sbcbot) the last year but looking at all the things you did since then... man you've been busy :-)

I'll (at)everyone in our discord server and invite the rest of the guys to vote for you. Cheers!

Thank you @beat-the-bookies, much appreciated! :)

It is great to have people like you around. Wish you get to the top soon.

Thanks, @espoem, good to hear those words from you. :)

You did more for STEEM then some of the "top-witnesses" and a so-called CEOs, congrats! Your witness server has a better CPU then my gaming computer...

100 oy hakkımız olsa keşke.
İmrenerek ve gurur duyarak tebrik ediyorum.

You were on witness list for sure! Keep up the great work! Thanks for what you've done so far!

Dear @emrebeyler,
After going through the list of things you have done until now, I decided to give one of my witness votes to you. I hope you continue delivering quality in order to increase the visibility of this platform. Thanks for the hard work!

Keep up the good work!

Steemit 'te sergiledigin üretkenliklerden dolayı , sebepsizce gurur duymama neden oldun @emrebeyler . And for sure, you got my vote and you deserve many more!!


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Congratulations! So happy to see the success of others.

You're my role model, Emre! 😁

I need to learn how you do the kind of web magic you do but I want to stick with Python (IIRC that is also your preference). Think that will be how I reach the next level as a dev.

Had to tone down my vote due to a potentially rising quote spam abuse network that will need to be addressed once my Mana recharges.

I have resteemed to get the word out about how much you contribute to this ecosystem. Not even kidding. It's staggering.

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Well, thank you for your kind words. :)

But tbh, you're aggrandizing me.

Oh, you and your modesty! 😛

Btw, would you happen to have a recommendation for a web framework to get started with for my Python projects. Flask, Django, or maybe another approach?

Primarily, one that would work well with SFR. Think, we just need a secure front end capable of interfacing with our database for approvals. Any advice appreciated.

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Though I am just a plankton, I already voted you as my witness since you came out with all those wonderful projects.
How's the onboarding of new steemians in Turkey?

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Congrats dude. You've done so much. More beautiful projects will walk with you.

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But for sure that you have my vote my friend!
Keep going and Steem On!

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You did quite a lot the past year and this last month!

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