DPorn is now a witness!

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What is DPorn?

DPorn is a platform that is adding value to the NSFW part of the Steem blockchain. DPorn is an adult content platform for steem where the curators and the producers get better payouts for their work.

The DPorn account will be used to curate content on the DPorn site. Nearly all of the curation profits go back to stake holder of the PornD asset. PornD can be acquired on bitshares currently and will be migrating to SMT when they are released. All current holders of PornD will be given the SMT version at 1:1 and after that is done the asset will be burned. To make this money through curation though we need to have the Steem Power to curate with. Nintey-five percent goes to the investors and the other five percent goes to powering up.

How Do We Plan To Get Steem Power?

  • Delegations. Currently, @rishi556 has delegated us some Steem Power for us to grow.
  • Witness Rewards
  • Curation Rewards
  • Author Rewards

Our Witness Server SPces

  • HP DL380
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 1 TB SSD
  • 128 GB SHM
  • INTEL XEON QUAD CORE @ 3.1 Ghz Processor

Why You Should Vote For Us

  • We enrich the community
  • We do not keep money for ourselves
  • We curate original content

Our Promise

  • All of our witness rewards will be used to help the steem blockchain. No rewards will serve any purpose but to supply the dporn account steem power.

Vote for Dporn as witness by clicking here

Join us on discord by clicking here, we do giveaways there

Join our curation trail by clicking here.


Yeah, I'd probably use it ;)

hm..,'probably' use it.. - risky forecast!

Upvoted to bring the post on the hot page.

God, I love you.

Thank you very much. But I'm married, hehe.

Awwwww, Mister Married Man make sure you vote for us too!

I need to see some results first.

@oldtimer do vote for witness too thank you

PORN, HOT makes sense haha!

It makes sense @libert yes, it does!

There was an initial setup error but it is fixed now. You can now vote for us as witness.

IT IS SO!!!!!

How did you managed to get 128 GB SHM on 64GB RAM server? assuming we are talking about shared memory system ;)

I hope you can get it! Sounds like you know specifically what you want to do and how to get there.

The only important question: will you be able to abide by the will of the Steemit community at large, should they move in a direction that may not align with your own ideals? I'm playing hypotheticals for (god forbid) the removal of NSFW content.

@ddrfr33k if that happens we can do a fork of SteemIt.

Alright, doing my little part. Upvoted, witness voted and resteeming. Make me rich y'all.

You are great @rodent!

Wow a pornsite in steem hahaha gonna try this! :) i hope they change their setting to always show nsfw. Hahaha :')

Make sure you vote us as witness!


Finally the way for ethical porn to come! This needs serious advertisement!

What do you guys mean by "the asset will be burned"?

Thank you ! :)

The pornd on bitshares will be burned and you will get a smt verison of the token at a conversion rate of 1 share on bitshares being 1 share on smt.
The pornd token on bitshares will no longer count for anything.

After all holders have been given their amount the asset will be burned from bitshares.

About time we got some good NSFW content on here. Resteemed upvoted and followed

Witnessed and upvoted. Looking forward to all the great stuff to happen!

D reminds me of Dick. Therefore Dporn sounds like dick porn which I'm not a fan. I wish u the best tho 👍😎

You better have! xD

What an interesting thing! All SteemMen will be interested! I vote for you!

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Very good work. Best wishes!

Well looks like an influx of Phub members are going to make their way to Dtube...