DevSTEEM Stage #2: Buy round #1

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UPDATE 2019-10-04


We are afraid to say that "Round #1" of our public buy is SOLD OUT! Get ready for round #2!


@devcoin (future) witness reporting for Devcoin community, STEEM fellows and #DevSTEEM enthusiasts.

DISCLAIMER: This is a public test buying round, since we are just trying a buying approach based on SBD for the first time. All the DVC earned will be deposited to the official DevSTEEM wallet.

We are finally at stage #2 of the DevSTEEM community project ("Merged mining" Devcoin (DVC), STEEM and SBD). This time we are buying Devcoin for SBD.

For the record, our early access users so far are: @agoodusername @ctya @gorkhalitrader @procaptainjoe @cpol

Let's get the buying round #1 started!

How to sell your Devcoins to @devcoin

Be aware that you decided to invest on our project. Wise decision! You only need to do the following:

  1. Read the conditions of the service (scroll down)
  2. Write your bid in a comment to this post (non bidding comments will be downvoted)
  3. If your bid is selected then you'll receive a memo with the instructions to complete the transaction
  4. Wait up to 48 hours before yelling for SCAM and the like! (we process orders manually for now)

Conditions of the service

Exchange rate: The lowest accepted bid is 1 SBD = 10,000.00 Devcoin.
Order processing time: 48 hours.
Minimum amount per order: 1 SBD.
Max amount per order: 5 SBD.
No refunds! Period.
We only accept DVC: Don't send other altcoins, we only accept Devcoin (DVC)!
Sold out policy: Pending orders get refunded. New orders after announcement of next round are processed at new exchange rate.
Benefits: STEEM users selling to @devcoin during DevSTEEM's "Stage 2", get second priority access to the "upcoming investment opportunity" or "upcoming asset release". Nothing more, nothing less.

Go go #DevSTEEM!


I offer 100 000 DVC for 5 SBD!

Bid accepted, check your steemit wallet for next steps.


I offer 50,000.00 DVC for 5 SBD


Bid accepted, check your steemit wallet for next steps.

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Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

I offer 50 000 DVC for 5 SBD too!

Bid accepted, check your steemit wallet for next steps.


I offer another 50 000 DVC for 5 SBD!

Too low now. Try a higher bid next time

I offer 51 000 DVC for 5 SBD!

Still too low. I would double the bid

I offer 50,000.00 DVC for 5 SBD

Too low, I would double the bid.

OK, OK. I'm buying now. Are you still selling at that rate?

Somehow this was missed by me to upvote or resteem. My bad.

Go go #DevSTEEM!

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