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RE: The easy way to install or upgrade to Hardfork 20 (Steem-in-a-box)

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Good info thank you, that means I would be better off launching a @OneLoveDTube witness which has much more SP myself for possibilities of witness vote exchanges and the possibility of ever growing weight of the #OneLoveDTube community delegations, or do delegations not count?

Plus gathering of the entire community votes, only concern comes down to expense of maintaining as it cannot be a burden on the community. I would love to make it top 20 and start having the project building the community power, tricky whether I want to take on the expense with no chance of reimbursement.

@gray00 @techcoderx @toddmck I know we have a ton going on already but I think a One Love Witness is inevitable for securing our success, curious what you guys think?

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Delegations don't count for witness votes.

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