Witness clayop update 2017/01/09

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Happy new year! This is my first witness report of 2017.

I am switching my witness node to v0.16.1, a stability and security fix version. I will both running 0.16.0 and 0.16.1 for a while to cope with any potential issue of the new version.

I also published a python-based voting bot Votum. The source is running well but I want to reconstruct it in order to have more extendability (e.g. universal filtering rule)

My feed price script is under upgrading as well. It will use python-steem instead of cli_wallet.

Thanks for your support and have a great week!


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Thank you for the update!

Hi, @clayop,

Just dropping in to mention that I'm looking forward to some guidance on how to install and use Votum.

I was excited to discover that you've published this. I've wanted to be able to support my favorite content creators on a more regular basis, but have been quite reluctant to hand my voting key over to a third party...

Thanks in advance for the anticipated information! 😄😇😄