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This thread provide details of witness candidate clayop


Hello. I am Jaewoo Cho (a.k.a. clayop) from South Korea. I have been a BitShares community member for three three years and always try to contribute to the community. For Steem, the most innovative blockchain-based social media service, I want to become a witness to secure network as well as expand Steem's ecosystem.

Curriculum vitae

As an active member of BitShares community, I served many meaningful role for growth and expansion of the community.

  • Korean cryptocurrency community member - ID: 조제리 (2014/01 ~ Present) Link
  • BitShares 1.0 delegate (2014/12 ~ 2015/10) Link
  • BitShares 2.0 witness (2015/11 ~ Present) Link
  • Muse witness (2015/10 ~ Present) Link
  • BitShares 2.0 committee member (2015/12 ~ Present) Link


I provided technical/translation service to Korean community. In addition, after I learned python (2016/2), I developed some helpful services for the community.

  • Introduction of Bitshares to Korean members via community board and blog Link
  • BitShares 2.0 tester - Network stess test Link
  • Market making bot (a.k.a. Kkachi) - Providing liquidity to BitShares DEX(Decentralized Exchange) Link
  • Steem mining guide Link
  • Steem price feed python script Link

Financial Plans

I already spent some of my delegate/witness income for the community as presented in this report. I also have some financial plans if I have witness position with stable income.

  • Maintaining high quality witness node Link
  • Integration into Azure (with help of Fox Link)
  • Developing Steem services using Telegram for normal users
  • Providing incentives to small independent news medias
  • Integrating some active Korean community into Steem

Vote can change the world if people vote for one who wants to change the world. Please vote for clayop and open the new world together.


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Thanks for letting me in! I am talking with Fox about Azure integration, and will honor(pay) him with my witness income. Thanks for your support again.