Witness Application: I wish to become a Witness and help Steem/Steemit

Hello there, I am new to Steemit but am jumping in with both legs and hands.

I'm quite enthused by this platform, it allows content to have actual realised value. Whilst Reddit has it's tipping facility, and other forums don't even have a way to pay content creators. Steemit is built to reward those who produce relevant and informative content.

This to me is a sea-change, and it has taken me from entrepreneur to avid fan. I have always wanted a blog, and I've struggled to survive by putting ads on there.

Needless to say, Steem is my home now. This is like Reddit x1000000.

So if I am here, I want to help out, I already have a seed node active ( and now it's time to get a witness ready. I've always wanted to "mine", but never had powerful enough hardware so basically, Steem is answering my prayers in all respects.


  1. I intend to be an active blogger on Steemit in the long term
  2. I wish to be a witness for as long as I can afford
  3. I already have an active seed node

I see great potential in Steemit, I think that it could really be a big thing in the next few years, so I want to be a part of that.

I know this post isn't bells and whistles, but it's just me being real with you :)

(EDIT: explanation of hardware)

I am using using Privex as my provider

I run a 32gb, Xeon E3, Dedicated server for my witness.

A 16GB, Intel i7, VPS for my seed node.

I also run an active feed of steem price :)


Vote christoff5221 for witness

Thank you very much

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Welcome to becoming a witness christoff5221 I hope to join you soon and voted you up!


Thank you very much Jerry!!

When you get up and running, you have my vote!


Voted! For the both of you @jerrybanfield and @christoff5221. #yunk


Thank you very much @yunkzilla! #yunk

hello @jerrybanfield i am following you and read a lot of your posts i upvoted and reestemed your post about block trades and exchanging crypto $ into #sbd or #steem my dilemma is i have would like to purchase #steem using #paypal what should i do ?

This post has received a 3.58 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @christoff5221.

Hello. You have a seed node which is currently showing as "Offline" on https://status.steemnodes.com/. Are you planning to bring this node back online, or should we remove it from the list of seed nodes?