Steem Witness $0 v $5.15 Masternodes

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OK so I don’t have to tell you I have made $0 from my expensive Steem Witness so far after a few weeks.

Oligopolies will be Oligopolies.

Those naughty Proof of Stake Whales keeping it all to themselves, tsk,tsk.

Meanwhile this is how the Masternodes I’m investigating are panning out

Here is the progress after 2 days, about a week in total:
DAS "balance" was: 1007.6, is now 1014.80003268 +7.2
ENT "balance": 1003.60003478 is now 1007.20003478 +3.6
ARC "balance": 1015.75, is now 1015.75000000 +0
XCXT "balance": 5007.90940536 is now 5007.90940536 +0

Facts you should know.

I’m posting this so you can see how Masternodes pan out in real life.

It takes dollars to set up masternodes, in the above cases $80-$300 a pop.
So most people will hesitate or perhaps jump in and not like what happens next.

This is a window on the process. Enjoy.

Firstly, you need good nerd skills to get one of the things running, or access to a friendly dev to get you going.

These masternodes don’t cost much to run. A few dollars a month of cloud server should do the trick. Basically they can cost nothing if you already have a linux server.

These are some of the things that have cropped up in the days since I started these msternodes.

Yiimp mining pools got hacked by some thieving scumbag and a lot of mining went off line.

Many small coins therefore froze.

DAS was one of them and I pointed some mining at it to try get it unfrozen. In time it restarted and it looks like the coin is back operating properly.
This underlines the reality of all Crypto at the moment. This stuff is fragile.

In any event I have a 1.4% interest rate on the coin so far which is good.
It also underlines another thing about Crypto, while being fragile it has a strange robustness. The coin was wrecked by a hack outside its control but it came right back. That is pretty impressive. DAS is not a perfect coin but it did bounce back. That gives me hope in its upside.

XCXT is broken and will need to be rebuilt. The XCXT coin devs are responsive which is a good sign even if the masternode itself is dead and they haven’t got a fix. We will see how this pans out. I’m still 1.5% in interest up, so I’m not griping too much. Let us see if this masternode can bounce back too.

Eternity is paying out but slowly. I haven’t poked it yet and its processing. The payouts seem to be random so we will see if it catches up.

ARC hasn’t paid out any more but it was running ahead of expectation so at 1.6% interest Im fine with it.

So it was fiddly getting going and there is plenty to learn and lots to go wrong but the Masternode idea has legs.

Now if the market tanks some more, then I will lose on the coins but the converse is, if the market rallies I could win big.

These sketchy coins with their masternodes have lots of potential. Some will win, some will lose. That is the name of the game because the winners could be colossal and that kind of winner is all we need.

Meanwhile my Ste……..

(Please note: I am bitter because I can’t be a Steem oligarch and am bubbling over with bile.

If you are the wonderful human being that you know you are and would like to help me make lots of cash and do my work from home in my underpants, then please vote for me as a Steem Witness. I promise to help the community by being richer than I am today, which is what Steem is about isn’t it?

I’m sure you understand that this $1 dollar, one vote ‘community,’ where the few get the lion’s share, means a lot to me, so please help me with your vote so I can lord it over the peasants, the minnows and reward myself by being just so whalish. I’ve a long way to go, so get voting now! Yes now, go on, now. What are you waiting for. Get moving! Oh yes, nearly forgot. You are awesome. I love you, I really do, muah, muah, muah.)

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You aren't kidding ... "you need good nerd skills to get one of the things running, or access to a friendly dev to get you going". I'm trying to set up mn for XCXT on my vps server and just don't get it. Know of any places that might point to good instructions?

interesting post by the way ... @MrsRay