Announcement: Charlie Shrem Advisor to Steem and Witness Proposal

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Hey All,

Up until now I have been very successful on Steem. By posting chapters of my book and other stories over the last several weeks, I have shown the community and myself what's possible in the new world of blockchain and creative content. Historically I have been one of the leading entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency space, and Steem represents a new chapter for the technology and my career as a thought leader and innovator.

As an advisor to the Steem community, you can expect me to bring my insights and savvy to entrepreneurs working on Steem-based projects in order to help grow the community and create meaningful partnerships.

In addition to I will be working with Ned, Dan and the Steemit team on a weekly basis in addition to many other Steem projects. If you have a project, please reach out to me and I’d love to help!

We want to support new projects that add a better user experience at the same time developer tools and documentation.

You can contact me at [email protected] or in Steem Chat.


Yesterday I launched a very powerful Witness for Steem under

Throughout my career I’ve did my best to maintain neutrality and independance. Being a public speaker and in the public spotlight, I am accountable for my actions and in the past have done so.

A few days ago I hired @garethnelsonuk as a full time engineer. Gareth was the co-founder & CTO of BitInstant and is a full stack engineer. Under he has build our high functioning markdown editor and our steem witness. He will be maintaining and upgrading our witness in addition to building new projects and tools.

Our Witness is based in Northern California and seed nodes are in the USA and Europe at the moment. Our plan is to have high redundancy and backup nodes which we already have running.

Our price feed is running at 0,20,30,45 minutes past the hour every hour and you check it out at

It works the following way:

1 - get the BTC/STEEM price from as many sources as possible and average it out
2 - get the USD/BTC price and average out
3 - get the BTC/SBD price
From that we to obtain the USD/SBD or USD/STEEM rate.

Some of the specifications of the Seed Nodes are:

Xeon E5-2670 quad core
160GB SSD harddrive
CPU's are clocked at 2.6ghz

You can connect to our Witness at or

We would appreciate your vote the following way:


It seems the doom and gloom posters saying Steemit is dead were sorely mistaken! Lots of exciting developments in the last week! Even the currency bounced ;)

Charlie, congratulations on your advisory position. It is great to have someone with such a high reputation in the crypto community on the Steemit team.

A few days ago I hired @garethnelsonuk as a full time engineer. Gareth was the co-founder & CTO of BitInstant and is a full stack engineer. Under he has build our high functioning markdown editor and our steem witness.

You sir, are full of shit. is running a free, opensource script that you mearely cloned from is an exact copy of the examples page.

If that is why you hire a developer, i'm your man as well!

The editor is indeed based on - I don't believe anyone has claimed otherwise?

Charlie requested me to setup a site with that editor available, so I did so - I configured the server, installed nginx and a FastCGI process (you may ask why FastCGI is needed - it's because the editor is just the first part of the site, more is in the works - though for now you're right that it's mostly from the examples). Since you can not see the backend or the planned features you are making assumptions you should not make.

If I wanted to be pedantic and literal - out of the HTML on that page, only the DIV ID and the chunk of javascript lower down the page is an exact copy, the actual javascript code and the CSS is of course also an exact copy because the site does in fact use the component.
It also happens to run nginx on top of Debian GNU/Linux - but if it was REALLY needed I suppose I could knock up a custom httpd-only OS kernel (seriously - osdev is a hobby of mine and an httpd in a kernel would be fairly simple).

Would you like a custom steempower OS? I can't promise it'll be as efficient as the Linux kernel with nginx on top, but at least it wouldn't just be using a free, opensource kernel that I merely cloned from. It'll take me a week or two though, and since it is a lot of effort i'd want paid for it, but I can do that if you'd like?
See for an example of my work in osdev - put on hold right now due to focusing on steem projects, but if you want to replace what Charlie is paying for a couple of weeks i'd be happy to write a webserver OS for you, and then i'll write a new markdown editor so it's all completely original, because how dare anyone use code that was already written when providing a useful service.

Apart from setting up the webserver (and taking care to ensure it'll both be scalable in future and remains secure) I also setup the witness infrastructure and took care of securing that too.

I'm proud to say that BitInstant was never broken into even once despite multiple attempts - the single security issue we had was in fact an issue with our domain registrar that I had no control over. I'm bringing that same attention to detail over here on steem and me and Charlie have some big things planned.

Skip all the post filling, tech looking talk. It's just like air. Feel free to fill up 4 pages of text with things you might be doing, i don't care unless it's up and running. So you setup a VPS. Good. Setting up a full running witness node takes like 15 minutes at most on a blank server.

The editor is indeed based on - I don't believe anyone has claimed otherwise?

Yes, Charlie did.

Under he has build our high functioning markdown editor and our steem witness.

Anyway, don't feel like starting a flamewar. Charlie's name is dirty. Always been, always will be. Proven and sentenced. This is yet another proof. I rest my case.

Most of that comment of mine was slightly sarcastic - the main point is you're calling Charlie a liar and criticising my own work for the high crime of reusing existing code - something anyone sensible does.

There's something called "Not Invented Here syndrome" - it's generally seen as a bad thing.

Welcome @charlieshrem, I think its great to have big bitcoin personalities like yourself on board so you have my full support.

Please tell @garethnelsonuk to tune the price feed according to dan´s post regarding sbd stability

hey there, that's actually next on my rather large TODO list

Regarding your markdown editor - it's good, thanks for the development.
But it lacks really convenient feature - uploading images and gifs through drag and drop. It'd be a time saver if you implement such functionality. To give you example, check how it works here

Voted! Thanks for evangelizing Steemit. It's appreciated.

Charlie not that I'm complaining here. But isn't there some sort of run up process involved in becoming a witness? I noticed that @nextgencrypto was not on the list at all and I'd like to vote for him as well as you, but I don't know how to find ones not on the list. Nevertheless there are people that have been trying for months and some how you got it right out the gate.

Is there a trick to this of some sort?

Guy's apologies. When I posted this it looked like there were no comments at all. Internet is shitty here.

wow thats crazy..... i was told come over to Streemit , cause YT is power triping

Would someone please explain to me what a witness exactly is? Or perhaps link me to an article with an in-depth explanation?

excellent his post, valuable content in it thank you very much

I voted for you now :)

Good job. Thank you!

You can connect to our Witness at or

You shouldn't share your witness node IP address as it could be DDOS'd to make you miss blocks / lose votes. Cheers man good luck on the runnings

It was clarified/corrected in comments that is the seed not witness.

Ah. Thanks smooth. I didn't read all the comment. Appreciate the reply.

He can't lose votes he can just miss blocks.

Missing a large amount of blocks is enough to get your witness votes removed. :/

Not in such environment :)

Congrats on becoming an advisor. I see the site looks good, but on my mobile there is a blank screen. I will email this to you.

Hey, drop myself an email at [email protected] with details including what mobile browser you're using and i'll look into it.

Your extraordinary

You should checkout @picokernel's project with this
but it's already on top of the the trending page :)

Good luck in your new role Charlie - shake that ninja mined tree for all of us ;)

that must be 160Gb SSD, surely?

Was a typo, its fixed!

Welcome Charlie! Glad to have you as a witness :)

Thanks for all you are doing for the Steemit Community. I have watched several of your interviews.

Can you figure out how to add a counter to the markdown? Or a little HTML script that will work on the platform. This would be huge to see how many users actually view our posts. It could be a third party post view counter or something off the blockchain where you could see the stats. But this would be awesome to see the views. A lot of users have been talking about this feature. Thanks in advance for anything you can do to help us out.


That's easily doable and i'll add it to the TODO list
Could probably knock it up and have it live by tomorrow

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