My witness server is just itching to go live... Running for witness

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It Broke, Again! ;)

Hello everyone,

I had guessed this day would come, but not quite this soon.

So, two crazy people @mermaidvampire and @benedict08 convinced me to become a witness. They did a good job, because here I am. I have been considering it for a while, but they gave me the last little push that I needed.


STEEM has been very good to me, so I think it'd be good to give something back to STEEM. In my eyes, STEEM is really the community. We have an amazing community which I am glad to be a part of. Just seeing the power of the community recently made me love this place even more. Anyway, I want to be more of a part of this place. I want to be a pillar of STEEM 😄.

Why am I a good witness:

tl;dr: I'm not 😂

As a witness, I will try to support the community through continued creation of projects for the blockchain. I feel like this is the best use of my time, really, as it's what interests me and my heart is in it, meaning that I can do a lot more when I'm working on it compared to other things

What Have I done for STEEM?

Steem-Engine Tools

I created and maintain SE Tools, an extended set of tools for use in conjunction with the Steem Engine platform, for features that are missing from the existing interfaces.

[NEW!] @stop.token

I am currently running @stop.token, a SE token that allows you to proxy your vote - to help vote in community witnesses, and in return you will be given tokens (currently at random) which will happen at hourly intervals once the server is set up.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting allows anyone to enable guest posting within their app, and they can keep most of the rewards too! From a low 5% beneficiary fee (0 upfront fees), they can use our range of accounts to post with. If usage grows with the service, I will be able to lower the cost.

Note: I realise my pricefeed is dead atm, I will fix it when I'm on a connection which allows me to connect to the server.

How to vote me as a witness.

Keychain / HiveSigner:



Vote for @cadawg!

Thank you STEEMians!
~ @cadawg


I know how much Steem means to you. It means so much to me, too, even if the only reason it means anything at all is that I met good people here. HAHAHA! All the best in this new role here, I know you know what you are doing. You deserve to be this chain's guardian or whatever witnesses do. Cheers! !BEER

Yup, indeed it means a lot to me. Wouldn't have met you without it.

Basically I look at blocks and go "that's nice".

Ok fine ^>^

Gooday @cadawg

What are your thoughts about the current DPOS governance?

Are you prepared to investigate and consider an alternative, such as The Matrix-8 Platform, which would solve many issues and potentially bring billions to Steem?

Find out more here:



I think that DPOS still has it's merits, although obviously it's not quite as resilient as I would have hoped.

While I wouldn't be quick to jump onto another technology, I am certainly open and have been thinking about ways to solve the current problems we face.

~ @CADawg

Great. I hope you will investigate. It will take quite a lot of research (several hours at least) to get a reasonable understanding. I look forward to hearing back from you, with question, thoughts etc.

Peace and Love

Would you be interested in protocol changes? The biggest one for me is one coin one vote, or one account 3 witnesses, either removing the possibility of one whale forcing a veto without having any other support or running multiple accounts and having to split their stake in order to do so. Or, if you've got any possible changes, would love to hear them!

100% yes. We need to fix the current protocol for sure. 30x votes isn't helping, as it makes someone with 100 SP more than me gets 3000 SP more of votes. I am in favour of one coin one vote. I'm thinking of other changes but haven't come up with anything good yet.

Literally the worst time to become a witness. lmao

Selfless boi, Cadawgie.

Thank you kindly!

Eh I have convincing friends. lmao.
Willing to give it a shot.

Good for you for being positive and thinking ahead! ❤️

Thanks. Got to be positive! ♨❤

You got my vote 👍😎

Thank you so much!

Thanks for the amazing support, @olivia08!

I will mention more! Welcome! you deserve it for the community.

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Thank you @olivia08. I've done my part. I put my trust in you @cadawg.

Voted for your witness...Good luck!

Thanks so much! 😁

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Wishing you Success in this endevour, darn I used up all my votes.

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Thank you. It's the thought that counts! :)

Hey @cadawg, here is a little bit of BEER from @mermaidvampire for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

We can dilute the witness votes among more and more individuals and let Justin have complete control over the chain or we can concentrate on those who are likely to win and are not sock puppets.

Yep, and guess where 29 of my votes are? On the top 29 community witnesses.

Good idea to push your being a witness..I will vote for your witness then. GOOD LUCK!

Thank you so much, @mers!

Just voted your witness now.

Thank you so much. Your trust in me means a lot. 👍

I also asked @gremayo to support you, although his account is dormant at the moment.... but I think he had voted already your witness.

Yeah. Thanks.

Oh no, you went to the evil side! say it ain't so! xD

coffeea Lucky you @cadawg here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness


@untersatz curate
@alliedforces curate

Thanks, eii!

Hey @cadawg, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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I support your efforts!

Itu sangat Bagus sekali tuan. Saya sangat suka dengan ide anda ini.. Setuju...

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Hey man! Little out of it right now and just keeping my votes on community witnesses, once it all blows over I'd be happy to vote for you (especially if you'll return the favor once I get my server set up :P). Gonna check out your tools, I saw the STOP token's price on se but I'm a proxy for a few ppl still (I think) and wasn't sure how that'd affect it. Cheers!

Fair enough, pretty much doing the same. I won't explicitly offer "vote for vote", but before this whole ordeal I voted for a lot of smaller witnesses. If I think you provide value to the chain, I'd be happy to. Thanks for checking out my tools, just managed to automate Stop Token. If you proxy whilst having people proxy to you, it makes everyone who proxies to you proxy to me, but if you were to unproxy @stop.token, they'd go back to copying your votes.

~ @CADawg

We don't need yet another witness.

Well you got one anyway 😂♨

I admire your stuborness. :)

Hello I've just seen your message. I've been afk from Steem community last months, and just saw what had happened. I voted on you, but I'm not sure if I did it right. If it didn't work or I did it wrong, call me and I'll try again. Let's take the community back to the community!

I support this witness campaign. @royliusteem put him on the list of accounts to freeze with the next hardfork.

Hi @justinsunsteem (not to be confused with @justinsunsteemy or @justinsunsteemit),

I am glad you support my campaign, unfortunately I do not see you voting for me, also your wording is a little ambiguous in the second sentence, as you could mean:
A) "@royliusteem add cadawg to the list of accounts to freeze at next hardfork"
B) "@cadawg, as you are now a witness, can you freeze @royliusteem's account in the next version (hard/softfork)"

I am not in support of either, really, Roy doesn't seem like he deserves to be frozen, and I've worked very hard to get where I am today.

~ @cadawg

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Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
His truth is marching on.

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