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Dear Fellow Steemians,

@bukio is a standby witness and here is a due statement of vision.

We'd like to share our visions in two articles and this posting is the part 1 focusing on integration of Steem blockchain into our platform. The next article will be about a much bigger vision integrating Steem blockchain with a new innovative platform [Solid] platform proposed by Tim Berners Lee.

Two problems of current Steem blockchain

The first problem that we identify and try to resolve is about permanent storage of personal blog articles in the Steem blockchain. We believe blogs are not formal publication. Permanently carving the content into the blockchain database seems a too aggressive, unnecessary action at least for certain personal postings. We believe that it is personal right to withdraw informal blog postings in the future if necessary.

The second problem is vague copyright manifestation from each article. This puts the content in the limbo state. Is it free to use outside Steemit? or do they need to contact the author to get permission? Though all content are visible from Steemit, this does not mean that the content can be freely used in 3rd party commercial services without restrictions. We belive this vague state inhibits wider distribution of valuable content from Steem blockchain. We want to straighten up this limbo state.

Proposal 1 - Using Steem blockchain as meta-data storage

Saving the content itself into a blockchain may be useful for certain contents but it unnecessarily enforces openness of the content in its bare state so that commercial content cannot utilize the blockchain in useful way and it revokes the writer's right to withdraw his personal postings later.

Our platform wants to do a bridge role between the writer and the blockchain and it wants to save only meta data of the digital content if choiced by the writer. A meta data posting will have all the relevant information like title, author, table of contents and so on with how to access the full content guide. Especially for digital content like e-books, the content itself is too big to fit into a blockchain block, it is absolutely necessary to separate the content repository and its meta data information.

In advancing our Buk.io platform, we would like to provide flexible content management for the writers. Also, if necessary, we would like to propose certain changes to the structure of the block as to advance the Steem blockchain for the future.

Proposal 2 - Simple commercial copyright manifestation

It is almost impossible to manifest commercial copyright on certain content without totally impeding its wide usage. So practically, there are only two types of copyrighted content, public content(with various fashions of open content copyrights) and restricted content that its users need to contact the writer to discuss commercial use of the content. And in real world, the kind of requirement just blows any chance of utilizing the content. We believe it is critical to the success of Steem blockchain that the content is widely utilized outsize of its blockchain.

How about simple intention-based manifestation like "intention of 50% profit sharing" in the article? Here is an example, let's say TODAYNEWS wants to utilize this article and it generates certain revenue out of whatever its business model. The first requirement to use the manifested article from TODAYNEWS would be to articulate its revenue sharing scheme publicly. The second requirement is to get Steemians approval that its revenue sharing scheme conforms to the intention of this manifestation. But it doesn't end there. In the process of its business, Steemians watch their activities to ensure that they are keeping their promises. Once it is determined that the service provide doesn't keep its promise, or betray the conformance of the copyright statement, the service provider is blocked from accessing the content in the future.

We can pour a lot of time in perfecting various commercial copyright contracts but they will only inhibit the content's commercial availability so that we propose simple commercial copyright structure that is more or less trust based.

The Digital Publication Platform

Buk.io is a commercial platform developer. Steem blockchain provides great utility that we want to integrate into our platform. By integrating Steem blockchain, we would like to empower content creators in individual level by providing maximum serviceability/manageability to their valuable digital content.

It will be a long journey and we want to walk with you. Here is a witness voting link for your convenience. Vote @bukio for Witness

Thank you

From Buk.io dev team.