Fighting for Diabetes Thread

in witness-category •  3 years ago

Fighting for Diabetes Our vision is to free diabetics from the painful finger prick and throughout this leverage for our shareholders the significant market potential that such a non-invasive glucose monitor could achieve.Diabetes is a global problem; almost 600m patients will be suffering from this disease by 2032. The majority of severe diabetics undergo a painful reminder of their disease multiple times a day by means of drawing blood to measure their glucose levels. I strongly believe that we can free the diabetic from this antiquated and painful reminder, which is why opensesame health set out in 2010 to reinvent the way we measure glucose. We believe that by reimagining the finger strip technology into a new form factor our non-invasive device will allow patients to monitor glucose levels on demand not only non-invasively but also unobtrusively. We have discovered that tears are a unique source of biomarkers with excellent prediction of blood biomarker

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