I'm very glad to be a witness

I'm very glad to be a witness

I love this community!

I love steemit very much. In addition to posting every day, I also spend a lot of time studying various playing methods of steemit , participating in various activities, checking high-quality articles in various communities, and learning steemapi. I find that this is an interesting community with unlimited possibilities, so I want to participate in the construction of the community as much as I can

I want to be a witness!

Therefore, I have been studying how to become a witness recently. With the help of @ ety001, I have successfully built my witness node and officially become a witness. At present, I run two servers to ensure the normal operation of the witness node.

What would I do to be a witness?

As a witness, I hope I can help more new friends as much as I can. At the same time, I also hope to encourage more people to participate in document publishing and creation. Therefore, I promise to lock the SP obtained by most witnesses for each friend who supports me to obtain daily audit rewards.

In addition to steemit, I am involved in the construction of more applications that will grow steemit. I hope I can get your support. Thank you to everyone who participated in steemit.

You can vote for me in the following ways. Thank you

The first way

You can visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type @boylikegirl.wit in the box to vote for me.



The second way


Finally, thank you again. I hope you can like and support me


I liked your witness thread.
Would like to support you for sure.

Just like the way @ety001 has helped you to become a WITNESS, I would encourage you to help others to become Steem Witnesses.
Let's get to it!

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Congrats for being a witness!💙 already voted you.

Can I please have a conversation with you? I have knocked you via discord.

Thank you for your support.
Yes,I like communication

Do you have any other social media where I can contact you?

Hello Boylike girl.wit
Surely would like to vote you for witness.
But I am facing a problem in newcomers posting.
Since I came here by reading a book.
So I don't know anyone from steemit whose reff I can produce.
So can I tag you for reff?

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