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Dear fellow Steemains,

I've been very active on Steemit for months, and one thing that has been on my mind lately, was running a witness node. Seeing many positive things from other witnesses, I hope my contribution as a witness will further increase the quality of the platform even more.

My servers operating system is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, with 4 CPU Cores, 16 GB RAM, and 96 GB SSD. My experience is mostly software programming, and I've been working with Linux servers for three years now. I've been in the crypto game since bitcoin came out, my opinion is that Steem looks very promising and I'm here for the long run. My main goal is to increase my knowledge and grow with the steemit community.

I would appreciate your support.

Vote with Cli-Wallet : vote_for_witness youraccount bola true true
Vote on Steemit : https://steemit.com/~witnesses
*Scroll to the bottom of page, add my username in the text, and click VOTE.

Thank you.


Ya got my vote @bola

If it wasn't for you I'd still have 10 steempower lol

Thank you.

Great to hear!
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Thank you.

Excellent project, good luck, my vote was already cast. Congratulations on this endeavor.

i am very busy in real life lately so i will just be giving free resteems to ultra high class people, when i can you get one free resteem daily for at least a week.

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Happy Hour, After you download DiscordApp let me know your user name or you can try to find me @battleaxe on there....here is the invite code https://discord.gg/A57ng , this is for those who upvoted to express interest, if you are not on the list you need to upvote to join or you can't jump in on another's invite. ;) the post is a bit revised if interested in hopping on board

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