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Release public testing results on every update (on the testnet)

Need of the hour. I am looking for someone to help with setting up a gitlab based CI - CD pipeline which can trigger Tinman based or similar transactions on the TESTNET. Do you think this is something we can work on ?


I haven't used gitlab before but I'm interested in working on it with you for sure, I can probably get the basics of it figured out today.

Gitlab has features of Github + strong support for CI and CD (similar to Atlassian tools). At work we are using Phabricator for PM/sprint management etc and Gitlab for CI-CD. It has features for fetching a project from github and create the CI-CD. Though I have worked only with Gitlab + Phabricator combination.

I have went ahead and created a group and created a mirror here :

EDIT: There were permission issues earlier. Edited it now.