Witness Node: boatymcboatface :Hosted in Australia

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Good-Day steemit Community

I believe in the steemit vision founded on the social esteem ideal and what better way to pledge support than to host a witness node. An apt witness name wouldn't you say 'boatymcboatface'

A failed democratic / public consensus naming contest given new life on the block chain which aims to correct this very failure.

Freedom, Life, Liberty and Property for All

Node Location: AWS Sydney Australia

Witness Name: boatymcboatface

seed-node =

I aim to be an excellent witness not only ensuring up-time and version currency of my node, but also by spreading the word and vision of steemit.

Please consider voting for me:

vote_for_witness "YOURACCOUNTNAME" "boatymcboatface" true true


You have my vote from the UK mate!

good luck ♥♥

mind blowing bro.....i am totally impressed for your beautiful hard work.......i think one day you will be the top of the steemit blogger......go ahead bro.....

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