Witness Update - week 18, 2018 - Smooth sailing & Staying up-to-date

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Recently, a bug in the code allowed for bloating the data that was put into the blocks, causing a lot of witness nodes to fail because the data was larger than a single transaction can hold.


Because we keep our witness and seed servers up-to-date with the server patches released by the steemit.inc team, our witness sailed through this roughpatch safe and sound because a patch to the 19.2 update already fixed this.

19.3 update

19.3 is now released into which this patch is also included, and we shouldn’t see this bloatbug hamper our blockchain again.

We’ll update to this release as well as soon as practicable.

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Thanks for sharing this really informative update, and it's really shocking to here this nodes issue, and in my opinion sometimes the frontend of Steemit also behaves weird means, it will hide the current data and will showcase last week or one month back data as last activity, possibly this is due to bug. Thanks for sharing this update with and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Good job @blockbrothers! Looking forward to steemify for android! Might go ahead and check out your voting bots. I have not tried them. But, it might be fun to give it a go.

I'm a big fan, proponent and user of Steemify (on ios)! I'd like to see some additional features though in the near future:

  • When you navigate back to Steemify from the "in-app" web browser, it would be nice if it took you to the notification that you clicked on last, as opposed to bringing you back to the top.

  • The ability to navigate backward (a back button) within the "in-app" web browser, after clicking on a notification and navigating beyond the initial click's destination point. Right now the only back button I notice is the "back to Steemify" button mentioned above.

  • The ability to see what the value of the vote is in the notifications (maybe asking for too much...?)

That's it for now. Keep up the good work!

I give my witness vote to you Keep doing what you do i like it.


Thanks, man!


you are first person who at least replied after getting witness vote