Witness Update - Hardfork 21


Hardfork 21

As of last Thursday, our witness has been running HF 21 Stable and Sound, after running it on the backup server for a couple of days.

Fun fact: We are using MIRA to test it and without too much effort yet it's running at 25gb ram. Replay was about 16 hours.

Convergent Linear Reward Curve + 50/50

The reward curve has been changed to convergent linear (n^2/(n+1)). Meaning it starts out superlinear but it will bend down towards linear the more stake is concentrated on the content.

This means a post needs to get a certain amount of votes before the curve become linear. According to the latest interview with @vanderberg, that's around the $6-$7 dollar mark (Maybe a little lower now with STEEM price coming down a bit).

The idea is to further increase the voting on quality content. A separate downvote pool is introduced to increase the number of curation options users will have to reach this goal.

Another tool introduced is the introduction of a 50% curation reward from 25% further incentivizing better curation by stakeholders.

While we don’t exactly agree with the change in the reward curve (we prefer linear) we do like the 50/50 and downvote pool for more curation options and to combat abuse).

SPS - Steem Proposal System

Hardfork 21 also introduces the Steem Proposal System.

It will allow for people to submit proposals for funding which will be funded by donations and inflation (10% from the current reward pool).

Other changes

  • Curation window further reduced from 15min to 5min
  • various fixes and updates

Read Here for further details on all specifics related to this HF.

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Happy to hear that your witness is already running HF21. although majority is still waiting for the scheduled time.So you are saying that so far, no problems are encountered.

Very good.

I hope it continues to run well as it is deployed more broadly! The nightmare of HF20 remains fresh in my mind!

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Nice work guys!

I am happy to have my trust/vote in such a great group.

Cheers and thanks so much for the ongoing support!

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