Bitcube Witness Thread - A dedicated STEEM witness

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bitcube has been a dedicated delegate since the days of Bitshares-1. He was responsible for the smooth operation of two popular worker delegates - pc and xeroc back in bts1 days. bitcube serves as an active witness to maintain the security for both the Bitshares-2 and the graphene-based Muse networks. He is currently working with Fuzzy, a long-time bitshares community member and contributor to bring Sharebit - a popular bitshares social sharing platform, to the STEEM ecosystem. Please support this experienced community member by voting for his STEEM witness 'bitcube'.

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Information on the specification of the Witness node:

ProcessorIntel E5-2630 4-Core
OperatingSystem Ubuntu 14.04
ConnectionDedicated Gigabit Bandwidth

Backup node is a single core CPU with 1Gb RAM.

Dedicated Seed Node (not just unknown IP address):

Please vote for Witness bitcube with this command:

vote_for_witness youraccountname bitcube true true

I appreciate your kind support.