Bitcube Witness Thread - A dedicated STEEM witness

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bitcube has been a dedicated delegate since the days of Bitshares-1. He was responsible for the smooth operation of two popular worker delegates - pc and xeroc back in bts1 days. bitcube serves as an active witness to maintain the security for both the Bitshares-2 and the graphene-based Muse networks. He is currently working with Fuzzy, a long-time bitshares community member and contributor to bring Sharebit - a popular bitshares social sharing platform, to the STEEM ecosystem. Please support this experienced community member by voting for his STEEM witness 'bitcube'.


Information on the specification of the Witness node:

ProcessorIntel E5-2630 4-Core
OperatingSystem Ubuntu 14.04
ConnectionDedicated Gigabit Bandwidth

Backup node is a single core CPU with 1Gb RAM.

Dedicated Seed Node (not just unknown IP address):

Please vote for Witness bitcube with this command:

vote_for_witness youraccountname bitcube true true

I appreciate your kind support.

We are both almost ranked the same Witness wise and we both still have votes available... Want to vote for each other? <3 BAC

we can vote for each other.. yes I am not that powerful yet.. but see it as investment for the future.. and you can help me make my dreams come true

Hello. There is still a seed node listed on under your name. I assume this is no longer a valid node? I plan on submitting a PR soon to remove it. Please let me know if it should be kept.

@bitcube has been MIA for a long time now, since mid-September 2016. His witness server went offline and his signing key was shut down automatically after 24 hours of missed blocks. No transaction from his account since. He never logged back into or posted a message on the Steemit slack after September 13th, 2016. I think he may actually have died.

That's too bad. I left a message to all the users who's seed nodes I was deleting, mainly as a courtesy. as well as all of the others I never heard back from have already been submitted to the steem GitHub repository to remove.