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My node is currently active and running! I'm currently running the witness on 12 cores @ 3.2ghz with 12GB of RAM and 5TB of raided space. I have plans to further setup a few backup nodes in other geographical locations for more redundancy. Now that I have the code all compiled and all my wallets squared away this shouldn't be to hard to finish setting up.

About Me

I have been involved with Bitcoin since 2011. I was a Miner, starting off with many 6950 GPUs and an early investor when buying Bitcoin at $2-$7 range, which was not easy to do at the time. I had mainly used Bitinstant and money wires to accomplish the task at the time. I eventually transitioned to Asics, I was victimized by BFL, as many were. I also went into KNC miners. After that I transitioned to buying rather then mining my crypto.

I was an early investor in Protoshares and Angelshares, and now I'm getting involved with Peerplays. I'm very excited at what Peerplays has to offer! I would love to program some games using Unity, but unfortunately I live in the US, so doing so may be illegal. Still I'm exploring ways to see if it will be doable.

Work Experience

  • Senior Server Engineer (Mainly Dell Servers located at L3 Santa Clara)
  • Network Engineer (Mainting and installing networks at data centers)
  • Programmer (C#,C,Java,Python,VB,Perl,JS,Unity3D)
  • Bitcoin Miner

I look forward to serving the Peerplays community, and don't mind constructive feedback to that end.


Give me some more information about what you are doing. I am curious and this is my first time seeing one of your posts.

I have updated the post since when you posted, let me know if you need to know any thing else.

This is awesome. You really were one of the first people in bitcoin and your investments seem smart and successful. Any tips for a young business student?

Take risks financially when your young, just never put too much to lose everything.

I recommend reading books on how to bet in poker and gambling in general, just as in life, you need to be able to absorb losses. As long as your getting paid fairly, you can take many positions, and mathematically you will win over time.

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