[UPDATE] - Witness Schedule - Live Visualization - Fix for Currently Scheduled Witnesses List

Live Visualization

To see the original post and announcement, go to [New Tool] - Witness Schedule - Live Visualization.


Recently, a bug was introduced to the steemd code that caused the get_witness_schedule API call to return a faulty current_shuffled_witnesses field. Instead of a list of the 21 witnesses scheduled for block production in the current round, it was returning a string of hex. This issue was submitted to GitHub by @roadscape at get_witness_schedule returns hex string for current_shuffled_witnesses #681. As a result, my tool was unable to properly show the currently scheduled witnesses.

I saw that there was another API call that I could use, get_active_witnesses, which is meant to only return the current 21 witnesses (get_witness_schedule has other fields such as next_shuffle_block_num and current_virtual_time which are interesting fields to still want). This get_active_witnessescall is what the tool uses now, temporarily, until the get_witness_schedule API call is fixed. Interestingly, there is still an issue with blank entries in the list due to the way the std::vector data type handles initialization, and is submitted by @abit at Reopen issues about get_active_witnesses and proxied_vsf_votes #657.

Here is what it looks like currently:


Just go to my personal site at bitcoiner.me and click on the button link at the top that says Witness Schedule Live Visualization.

Or you can go directly to bitcoiner.me/schedule.

With this tool, you can now see the blockchain in action and the witnesses at work!

Like my work?

Please vote for me as witness, every vote is important to me!

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How much do you earn when you mine steem? Per day? What would someone need to start? I have a friend that could do this.

It depends on a few factors. As a miner-witness, you get rewarded about 0.185 SP from the network after you have mined a block. To get scheduled, miners have to find a proof-of-work, or pow, and broadcast it to the network. If the network accepts it, then you are put to the bottom of the miner queue. Once you make your way to the top of the queue, you will be scheduled in the next round.

As the case since the last hardfork, there is a bug where you can keep submitting the same pow every round, so a lot of miners are currently taking advantage of this. Sometimes the network accepts it or doesn't as valid work. Currently, the queue seems to be at a fixed 171 miners, which means it takes about 3 hours to get to the top and get scheduled for block production.

Also, the proposals for the next hardfork mention removing mining altogether, so this may mean it may or may not be worth the effort to set up everything.

To start, you need to run the steemd software and set it to mine. There are a few tutorials on Steemit and also a mining channel on Steemit chat.

Thanks for the info. Bummer on possibly removing mining.

I'm glad you're still following thist stuff closely. I looked at the witness list for the first time in 2 months, and I didn't recognize what I was seeing. It's one of those things you need to keep watching it daily to see its health. :)

True, I definitely have witnessed (haha) the witnesses go up and down in rank since I first learned what a witness was. Being one myself, I have to keep up with the state of the steem. :)

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Brilliant stuff. If only there could be a complete list. :) Ive voted for you.

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